XDModo Window Solar Charger - solar charger for smartphones

The Dutch company XD Design has developed an innovative battery charger for smartphones — XDModo Window Solar Charger, which is powered by a solar battery. The gadget not only helps to save on home energy bills, but will become an indispensable companion to any journey.


Charger is enclosed in a small plastic housing, which equipped with a solar battery and a special Velcro. Thus, the XDModo Window Solar Charger can be attached directly to the window, where during the day the device collects sufficient amount of energy.


Capacity built-in lithium ion battery – 1300 mAh, and a full charge is 13 hours. XDModo Window Solar Charger has a standard USB connector and is therefore suitable for most mobile phones, smartphones and iPods. The main idea of device — save electricity, but the main advantage – mobility. XDModo Window Solar Charger can be used both in the office and outdoors. In General, the person completely ceases to depend on the availability of outlets and electricity.

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