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On the windowsill or any Sunny place in your home or office looks great "sunflower" Solar Sunflower, the brainchild of design company XD Design. Behind the attractive appearance of the hidden utilitarian gadget. Under the flower pot "masked" solar charger.

The gadget is quite miniature in size 23х101х10 cm, so the real sunflower, it resembles only conditionally. Weight 252 grams. Solar panel with diameter of 8.5 cm is still "stalk". Its position is fixed at an angle of 35 degrees. It is capable of producing a constant current up to 100 mA at voltages up to 5 volts. Green "leaves" on the sides of the "stem" is only a decorative element. If necessary to "catch the sun" Solar Sunflower it is necessary to turn the hand or move to another location.

The bottom "pot" is covered with silicone that will protect the countertop or windowsill from accidental damage. Given that for maximum efficiency, solar charge gadget will have to turn and move c place to place all day, silicone can be very useful.

Pot actually – building, which is hidden docking station with rechargeable lithium battery capacity of 2500 mA-h. When it is fully charged, energy will be enough to share with two iPhone. At the bottom of the case two USB connectors. One output for connecting your phone or other mobile device, the other is used for charging the dock itself, when solar activity is insufficient, or if the owner keeps his sunflower away from direct sunlight.

In addition to the connectors has two LEDs. The green led is on when the panel generates enough power to charge. The led remains on after the charge level reaches a maximum. Any information on protection against overcharging XD Design reports.

The white led indicates the charging current from an external source connected to the input USB connector cable included in the kit. Unlike green, white led turns off upon reaching the desired battery level and, as stated in the description, include short circuit protection.

Both led's work independently from each other and can burn at the same time, when charge is carried out from two sources, external and built-in solar panel. Any indication of the current charge level is not provided.

According to the manufacturer's full charge batteries from solar panels in bright light is about 25 hours. Not hard to see that this figure is obtained by dividing the battery's capacity at maximum charging current, which can provide a solar cell.

However, given the design features to keep the restaurant the whole day under "good" the sun is very problematic in execution of the intention. In real conditions, the battery only the light can take many days, as evidenced by the responses of those who had a chance to try the "flower" in action.

Overall, it appears that Solar Sunflower is a wonderful and beautiful example of environmental gadget. Its purpose is the demonstration of how the commitment of the owner of green technologies and their potential. With regard to the practical use of solar energy to charge your favorite smartphone, and even more, obtaining some material advantages, the particular reliable to hold Solar Sunflower, probably not worth it.


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