The energy of fire. How to charge the phone outdoors, an overview of the devices

Field trips are good though that they at least for some time they tear us away from TVs and computers. However, there are tablets and mobile phones that is normal can work outside of civilization. However, they run out quickly. But today we tell about some devices which will allow you to charge your mobile devices, even if the nearest outlet is 100 miles.

The BioLite Stove Burner

The BioLite Stove is a compact portable burner that can be used in the campaign and as the stove, and as a charger for mobile gadgets. This unusual device from wood. Moreover, the BioLite Stove is equipped with a system of absorption of the smoke, reducing its number by 95 percent, compared to an open fire.

Candle Powered USB Charger

Device Candle Powered USB Charger would have been indispensable if you suddenly got with my iPad so in the eighteenth century! After all, it is a device which receives energy by heating on a candle and can use it to charge your gadgets. However, now Candle Powered USB Charger can be very useful when in the house for a long time the blackout hit.

Thermoelectric boots Orange Power Wellies

The creators of unusual pair of shoes offer the Orange Power Wellies to charge your devices warmth of your own body. These technologically advanced boots, and bracelet from Dyson Energy, use the contrast between human body temperature and air temperature. Received in a marvelous way the energy will be sent to your phone or tablet.

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