Church of the intercession in Zukle

Zhuklya village was founded in the early XVI century, immigrants from Lithuania. The name of the village is of Lithuanian origin (Zhuklya in Lithuanian- "fishing village, fisherman, fishing"). For a long time the village was the estate of the family of the Apostles, but from the end of the XIX century Zhuklya was owned by Nicholas Komstadius.

He had a Swedish origin, and was major General of the tsarist army. He led many military units was the security chief of the Emperor Nicholas II. When the end of the XIX century in Zukle burned wooden Church, Komstadius promised the peasants to build a Church that will not burn. And built. For this he was invited builders from Petersburg.

The construction was carried out from 1911 to 1914. The peasants were amazed by the new temple. Church of the intercession in Zukle subject to the Kiev Patriarchate, and the choice farmers made their own by writing an application in scope.

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