He does not use the money (64 photos)

It's about a man who does not use money, while living in Shanghai five-star hotel.
Let's see how he succeeds.

Author: 1. awakened by a phone call. Some Chinese. I babble unpleasantly loud, fast, but most importantly - in Chinese. I tried to explain to its Chinese that the Chinese I do not speak. That did not stop a woman, she rattled like a coffee grinder. I pushed off. Through sekndu again call all over again. I tried to repeat the same thing on his English. Did not help. Disabled. Through sekukndu zvononok again. We had to demonstrate their Russian in all its richness and beauty. Calm down, no longer called.

2. I do not like to sleep long in the morning. Do not like to sleep a long time, I was missing six hours. I am pleased to be sleeping less. It's a pity to waste life in some abstract dreams. I interesting reality that draws subconscious night. Although it is sometimes difficult to believe in the reality of my chirality.

3. Here are living now at the center of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The luxurious suites. Around servants. Periodically go advanced Commerce and do not hide their envy. And in a pocket that I have - a penny. Only a few yuan, which, if I use, it is extremely rare. I hope that in the future all will not have to pick up the money.

4. Bank account also closed.


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