Max Factor

Max Factor really called Maximilian Faktorovich - he was an American businessman of Polish origin, but a citizen of the Russian empire.

His deservedly called the father of makeup, he, in turn, was a make-up artist, stylist and make-up artist was his makeup certainly prefer Hollywood stars. But the story of the life of the owner of the brand Max Factor really looks like an exciting movie.

Max Factor, a Polish Jew by nationality and was born in Lodz, Poland, which belongs today. Their family was huge and consisted of 10 children.

He was 7 years immersed in the world of theater, and that his fate was sealed. However, he began with the sale of sweets in the lobby of the theater. But in 14 years, Max Factor became an apprentice at cosmeticians and manufacturers of wigs. At age 15, he moved to Russia, where he worked as a make-up artist for a couple of Russian Imperial Opera.

For 22 years, he opened his own shop in Ryazan, where he sold his own cosmetics production.

However, at the beginning of the XX century he decided to emigrate to America. It so happened that he came to Los Angeles and opened a shop there again. Apart from cosmetic accessories, it is made even wigs that are little different from real hair. In addition, emerging Hollywood stars liked it when he personally imposed make-up before shooting. And the experience he had plenty.

At the time, Los Angeles was the heart of the film industry, so all the new Max Factor appeared under the influence of cinema. He introduced the false eyelashes, foundation, waterproof makeup, mascara in a compact package, compact powder - and all this because such was the need for some film works, and even certain movie stars. So, he created a special line of cosmetics for the actress Jean Harlow, and before that she was with the help of the world's first platinum blonde.

In 1916 he appeared in the cosmetics sale. But Max's passion was the stage make-up and he continued to do the development in this direction. He was the creator of images of Greta Garbo, Twiggy, and even Charlie Chaplin.

In 1938, the first in the credits of the film Vogues of 1938 flashed the words "from Max Factor Makeup».

The founding father of a new trend in decorative cosmetics, died in 1938 at 61. His case was continued by his son, Frank changed his name to Max Factor, Jr.. By the way, we owe him a word of make-up.


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