3 best friend

From childhood until the last moment they were together. 3 best friend, Serge, Max and Dima ~
Serge tough guy, educated father that now shakes his term, the mother suffers a stroke from losing older. Max, a romantic, a 6th grade, along with Natasha. Dima did not get enough sleep, since writes poetry, "street singing" Max calls it so.

Here they met, Sergei told that some Borzoi fraer the teeth trains: "I'm a human being to them -parni, be silent! But they did not even want to hear. " Max kept saying that Natasha will take away that will live in paradise, well, Dima said that all Russian rap is still alive.

Discussions with beer jokes went in the evening sky and the stars was noted. Max went to Natasha, well Serege Dimka one way, that they went home. Gray ran to the staircase, Dimon stomped on, in the entrance of the same fraera borzeli here yesterday. Serge 2 without the bazaar strike grabbed a third and that there are forces breaks a mug, then flashed the blade and summed up the reaction mudily rushed to the bottom. Seeing a bunch of scattered in all directions, Dimon rush to Seryoga Voronov. On the floor lies Serge covering the wound, ate said: "Brother, how mum?" ... Dimon shouts: "Hold on, Serge! You're stronger than death !!! "hand weakened, everything, earrings longer present. Dimon ran to Max and told it like it is. Knives and drove into the sleeves, scoured the area and found the mudil poreshali eye for an eye. They knew that those musarnutsya, you can not go back home, you still wait for the cops. And so they hid 4ri day. Max went to Natasha, Dimon podkuril cigarette and immediately came out of the eye, "Dimon Run, Run !!! Ambush! Ambush!". He had never run so fast and for a long time, it has not escaped the once so lonely.

Last spring, the cemetery was the guy noticed, several sheets with poems left on the grave. His mother sobbed while reading Seregi Dimyny line. After that he did not see one.


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