9 signs that your relationship can develop into a strong marriage. Useful selection.

Unfortunately, our world is designed so that most of us with irresistible chasing money. Yet there is one thing that attracts more than money - it's love. Find your love, you will feel somewhere else in the world, especially not such as ours, and all your problems will recede into the background. Suppose we look a little old-fashioned, but still it seems to us that marriage - it is something very serious and correct. He must be strong and reliable enough to hold out until the end of his life, and the marriage should not burden anyone.

Your relationship should not depend on the mood.

You both know that there are good and bad days. Do you have for each other because they exist, without feeling any pretense. In each other's company you can afford to be a bit lazy and did not embellish their shortcomings.

2. Your happiness - the happiness of your second half, and vice versa

The greatest pleasure that you get from the relationship - is to give pleasure to your partner at all levels. Strong family you can build only where both spouses perceive needs that they appear as common.

3. Even if you turned out to be lousy day, the presence of your partner does not burden you

This is a continuation of the first paragraph. Earlier in the bad days you prefer to get stuck in the TV, now support partner smooths all the angles. And you listened patiently to complaints against each other, even if you can not not help.

4. You feel each other

The infamous chemistry between you is so strong that it blocks everything else. Walking along the street, you want to hold each other's hand. Even a simple trip to the store a joint brings you great pleasure. You do not have to have sex to feel the closeness that exists between you.

5. You want to share their experiences

You want to discuss with each other their future. You are not afraid of the prospects to live life together. When you happen something good, the first thing you talk about its second half. Are you interested in everything that happened in her life.

6. Romance

The man is not afraid to show off soft next to the woman he loves. Imbued with the romance of your relationship. Do you enjoy dining together, travel, or just cuddle.

7. You can not long be angry at each other

In principle, all in the name of the item described. Do you happen to quarrel, but they are never prolonged, you just can not get mad at each other.

8. You are able to not only listen but also hear each other

When one of you can not be anything until the end to explain, the second, and so understands. You do not need extra hints. Your relationships to help you grow and become people who you've always wanted to be.

9. You accept each other for who you are

Are you pleased to show off his second half in front of friends. You calmly applies even to the disadvantage of its second half, which enraged herself. You belong to each other, and that's the simplicity and beauty of your relationship.

If you disable the emotions and understand that your relationship meets all the above items, then you can think about marriage. And to your friends, too, were able to assess their chances for a speedy marriage, share this material with them.

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