25 evidence that stay with fathers incredibly fun.

How nice to be a little kid! Mother feed, hug, every speck of dust to remove you. She's always there and ready to stay up as long as the child felt great. But not only the mother's care for their bloodless. But what about the fathers who are so funny and inventive in raising their offspring?

This collection of funny pictures to prove that little ones and dads are always fun to be with each other.

papules, wake up, I want to play!

It is necessary to put himself in order.

How is a day without charging?

Royal Breakfast is served.

Not afraid of cold and frost!

I Schumacher five minutes.

spoke well enough to throw ten cents.

Just hair has broken ...

A strong need to always be.

I hear and obey!

I asked you a massage.

good to have a personal stylist.

And the salon does not need to go.

Supporter - level 90!

The children are fed, and you can eat the most.

Two drops of water.

Chur, the New Year, I also sew costume!

You go to sleep yet, and I check the mail.

And even mouse pads do not need.

outgrowths - with my tattoo.

Now we find the tale before bedtime.

After playing - it's time to sleep.

We will always be together.

If the kids are happy, it's okay. And the pope still those teachers! I hope these pictures have raised you up. Do not forget to show their friends - even if they remember a fun childhood.

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