9 life stories, from reading the world around them becomes lighter.

Every day we are faced with a lot of negativity. Often, we are responding to the negative film, just like increasing the wave action a bad mood. In such a situation it is easy to lose faith in humanity and blame the world for excessive cruelty and indifference to others ...

In fact, the world around us is full of kindness. Just occasionally need to start by doing small good deeds.

1. One grandmother saw on the street, which sold just a single flower room - violet. So sorry for her, I paid 10 times more expensive than it requested. She tearfully: «I'll run to the store - buy grandfather sausage» i> ... I brought flowers home, and the next morning he blossomed.

2. A few months ago I was diagnosed with a serious illness. After treatment, I lost all her hair. It was terrible to imagine how I would go to school and everyone will stare at me. But on the first day, when I was going to go to school, at home waiting for me ten of my friends - all with fully shaved heads. Two of them - girls ...

3. I am going home in the morning. At the entrance of the announcement: "Dear neighbors! Today, approximately at 9:20 at the entrance doors were lost 120 rubles. If someone found, store, please, in the square. № 76 Antonina Petrovna. Pension 2640 rubles. ". I put 120 rubles, climb, calling. Opens grandmother in an apron. Only I saw me holding out money just to cuddle, to lament and tears of happiness. And I said: «I went for flour, back, remove the key from the entrance - money is, perhaps, shed» i>. BUT! Money flatly refused to take! It turned out the last couple of hours, I was the sixth (!) "Found" Babulin money! People, I love you for what you are!

4. I never considered myself a pretty even. Recently, my fiance forgot Disconnect after our phone conversation. And I heard him telling me roommate. What I am today, and how beautiful it all pale next to me. And how much he loves me. What is really here - I roared. The first time felt beautiful.

5. has recently returned from the institute and near the metro station "Avtozavodskaya" saw war veteran. He sat next to a military bag, which were laid out medals and orders ... His reward that he earned in the war. He sold them to buy at least some food. I walked over, pulled out all the contents of the purse and gave it to him with the words: «Take all my money, but do not sell our honor and valor for pennies to people who do not deserve ...» i> He burst into tears, took the money, Order gathered in his hands and kissed them, and then quietly said through tears: «Thank you, my daughter» i>. At such moments, I think that I can change the world. This gives me hope.

6. My friend and I were at the mall, and won by a soft toy in the advertising quiz. We went and saw the retarded boy with his father and gave toys to the kid. The boy said: «Thank you» i>. His father nearly cried. It turns out that the boy had not spoken for several months.

7. On the eve of my birthday 9-year-old sister all day running around with glowing eyes, so wanted to give me a gift. The next morning, I, as always, went to wake her for school. And he said: «You can already give me a Present» i>. Even before he could open his eyes, she reached out and hugged me with her little hands. Then he climbed under the pillow and pulled out an envelope with the inscription: "To my dear brother for his birthday!" Opening it, I found a $ 10 bill in two denominations of $ 100 and a bill of 50 rubles. It was absolutely all her money. I hugged the sister and lay for a long time so that she could not see my tears.

8. I work in a fast food restaurant. This morning a man walked up to the counter and said: «Behind me is a girl, I do not know her. But I would like to pay for her coffee. Wish her good day » i>. This girl is very surprised at first, and then did the same for the next in line for her man. And so 5 times in a row!

9. Have not had a storm like today. At work, they said that someone wipes about my car. I rushed out into the street. Everything was still except for the sunroof. Someone pushed him tightly that the machine was not damaged in bad weather.

These simple but extremely sincere deeds revive faith in humanity. And once again it shows that good lies inside each of us. Share these touching stories with your friends.

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