12 movies that are not released until the very end

Sometimes you want to watch a film that will absorb you completely will make you forget about everything and sit all two hours, vzhavshis in a chair, and clenching fists.

The website has selected for you these are the movies: an unusual Comedy, thrillers and intense dramas that will certainly get worried for the characters.

Perfect strangers Perfetti sconosciuti, 2015

The friends decide to play the game: agree to read out loud all incoming messages and answer calls Handsfree. Follow the rules of this game were not so easy.

This Italian film is about a huge role of telephone in our lives and the things that we trust him.

Alarm The Call, 2013

A young girl is kidnapped by a maniac who keeps her in the trunk of his car. Her only chance for salvation — a phone with a dying battery, by which she was able to call 911. Will it be possible for the specialist rescue services to rescue the victim from the clutches of a maniac?

Seven psychopaths Seven Psychopaths, 2012

Crime Comedy about a writer writing a script for a movie about seven psychopaths, which he meets on his journey — each with their own absurd story. By accident, he gets caught up in the kidnapping of the dog main local gangster after his oddball friends.

The lives of others Das Leben der Anderen, 2006

Berlin, 1986. Specialist listening devices that gets the job — to follow a well-known writer and his girlfriend. But over time, he imbued the lives of their mentees and begin to think, perfect the system, a cog in which he is.

Night flight Red Eye, 2005

Two strangers. A chance encounter at the airport. Mutual sympathy And in the end... today is flight # 1019 will arrive on time, but perhaps without one passenger. Lisa Ripert was always afraid to fly, but fear of flying is nothing compared to what she will experience.

In the power of tiger Burning Bright, 2010

The house inhabited by the main character and her younger brother, was in the midst of a hurricane. But the most terrible is to escape from local trainer by the tiger, who broke into their house to escape from the elements.

Not caught — not a thief, Inside Man, 2006

In new York seized the Bank. The camera is turned off and understand what is happening to the police with the move fails.
Criminals operate according to a strange plan: ignore the store with money, forced the hostages to not only take personal belongings, but also constantly shuffle them by moving from room to room blindfolded.

Misery Misery, 1990

The writer gets during a snow storm in a car accident. He is saved by a humble nurse named Annie, living in a secluded house, which also was a big fan of the writer. Gradually, the hero begins to notice that Annie is something wrong and he better get out of here.

The film is based on the novel by Stephen king.

Dump Trash, 2014

The film can be called a Brazilian version of "Slumdog Millionaire". Dynamic movie about the three Brazilian boys living in a landfill, whose fate suddenly changes when they find a wallet.

Drama adds a Brazilian flavor, where white beaches coexist with poverty and devastation.

Apocalypse Apocalypto, 2006

The world of a young Mayan named Jaguar paw falls in an instant — his village wiped off the face of the earth, and he himself was taken prisoner. In the face of certain death, he must make a desperate dash to return to his wife and child who miraculously managed to survive during a RAID.

The film became one of the brightest directorial works of Mel Gibson.

I've had enough Enough, 2002

Realistic film about a woman who dared to escape from her unbalanced husband and 5 year old daughter. With the heroine there are surprising metamorphoses: from a victim she becomes a strong woman, capable of confronting his wife, who went in search of the fugitives.

The thirteenth tale The Thirteenth Tale 2013

Margaret is working in a second-hand shop of his father. Once she receives from a famous writer offer to be her biographer. And that's before Margaret, trapped within the walls of the dark, populated by ghosts of the mansion, unfolds a Gothic story of twin sisters, which strangely echoes with her own life.

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