10 everyday things that can kill you

Forewarned — that vooruzennie one universal truth: all men are mortal. Maybe not today, not tomorrow and not even next year, but we all die anyway. Death is an inevitable aspect of life, but to die earlier, not many people want. We have a choice: to delay or accelerate his death, and it depends on our way of life.

For example, bad habits like Smoking and rejection of regular exercise, life expectancy is reduced. But there are still a lot of amazing and unexpected things that can significantly shorten life.1. Big gradeto sounds absurd, but science can confirm it. Many women want to have bigger Breasts for a number of reasons — they want to be more attractive, more confident or just to please my men. But if you have an average breast size, you will thank nature: new research shows that big Breasts can cause numerous health problems and even premature death.Women with large Breasts often suffer from back pain, shoulder and neck. In addition, some women also reported that they because of the large breast rash, headaches and deformed spine. The pain associated with having large Breasts is so strong that some women have to take medication every day just so the pain was bearable.

This may be a surprise to you, but a recent survey revealed that many holders of large Breasts have low self esteem. In addition, a third of respondents said that large Breasts cause them pain during training. But perhaps worst of all is that big Breasts can cause premature death, such a woman is likely to die five years earlier than they could.

2. Too much coffee

Coffee is great, overall, coffee is even good for health. Nonetheless, if you drink too much, health can deteriorate, and even coffee can cause premature death. A study published in the journal Mayo Clinics Proceedings has shown that people under the age of 55 who drink four or more cups of coffee each day or 28 cups or more per week, increase the risk of premature death by as much as 56%.

The study was quite ambitious: it involved 43 727 — 9827 women and 33 900 men. Also in the study were taken into account information from personal and medical questionnaires collected over the period from 1979 to 1998.

According to experts who conducted the study, coffee increases blood pressure, increases the production of adrenalin and reduces the activity of insulin. All this can significantly harm the body. However, it should be noted that a direct link between the abuse of coffee and premature death has not been established. The researchers acknowledge that there are still some things that need "clarification".

But just in case, if you are under 55 years, and you want to live longer, try to drink less coffee, starting today.

3. Whole grains productivity that you are going to say: "But whole grains are healthy! They recommend eating medical experts! I their entire lives to eat!". Before you accuse us of lying, pay attention to the facts.

Whole grains contain phytates that prevent the absorption of some important elements, such as iron, magnesium, zinc and calcium. Studies show that eating grains can impair the absorption of iron by as much as 50%. In addition, magnesium is the most important element for the prevention of type II diabetes, and calcium needed to prevent osteoporosis, are also blocked piratami.

Nutrition whole grains can also reduce libido, because they inhibit zinc absorption. Even if you are taking food supplements, the useful elements will not be absorbed by your body properly if you continue to constantly eat whole grains.

Not yet convinced? But the science shows that whole grains, especially wheat, are associated with the development of certain autoimmune diseases. Lectins, found in wheat, can potentially cause lupus, hypothyroidism, eczema and other autoimmune diseases.

4. Snotvornogo people suffer from insomnia, and to resolve this problem doctors often prescribe sleeping pills. However, research shows that taking sleeping pills can cause premature death: people who take sleeping pills are five times more likely to die prematurely than those who such pills do not drink.

Worst of all, even if the dose would seem insignificant, only from 4 to 18 pills per year, the risk is still not decreasing: in people taking that many drugs, 3.6 times more likely to die prematurely than those who are not on any meds for sleep.

It is alarming the fact that the people who take from 18 to 132-x tablets per year, the risk of premature death increases by as much as 4.4 percent. For those who take 132 or more pills per year, this risk is increased already at 5.3 times. But that's not all: those people who take 132 pills a year, the risk of cancer increases by as much as 35%.

If you don't want to die early, it will throw out your pill next time, when you Wake up at two in the morning in a terrible mood.

5. Too many solaki you eat mostly fast food and processed foods, then you should definitely come up with another diet, and not even because of the fact that such products are too much fat in them are also very high in sodium. The Texas medical Association (TMA) warns that eating foods with high salt content can lead to early death.

Salt can lead to kidney stones, high blood pressure and consequently stroke and heart attack. Sodium intake should be reduced to 2300 mg per day and those who suffer from hypertension should not consume more than 1500 mg of salt daily.

Doctors understand that it is impossible to do. Why? Let's do the math. One Burger with cheese from McDonald's contains 1190 mg of salt. In the salad from the same place — 1280 mg of salt. It is not surprising that 65 million people suffer from hypertension and 500 thousand people die each year from stroke and cardiovascular disease.

According to estimates of the TMA, if food manufacturers and restaurants reduce the sodium content of their products, 150 thousand people will be saved from premature death due to complications caused by hypertension.

6. Life in odinochestve living alone is likely to die before those who live with their families or partners. Fortunately, this only applies to older people aged 52 years and above.

This conclusion was based on a British study that lasted seven years, which was attended by 6,500 participants. The results of this study, people who live alone, have 26% more likely to die than those who live with other people.

Taking into account the different age-related diseases, premature death for elderly people living alone 48% more likely. Previous studies have shown that single (regardless of whether it is voluntary or forced loneliness) also have a higher risk of developing dementia and heart disease.

Fortunately, the risk of early death can be easily reduced if older people receive emotional and social support that you need. Simple communication with other people and working out something that reduce loneliness can significantly increase life expectancy.

7. Prolonged sitting

If right now you are sitting, you should stand up: studies show that if you sit too long, it can lead to many serious diseases and even premature death.

A study conducted at the University of Leicester showed that people who spend most of their time sitting, at work or at home increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

In addition, the study, which was attended by 800 thousand people, found that even if people exercise regularly, the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and even obesity will not be reduced if they spend most of their time sitting on your office chair or sofa.

Even worse is that the constant sitting can cause premature death. An Australian study published in Archives of Internal Medicine showed that people aged 45 years and above as much as 40% increases the risk of premature death if they sit for 11 hours or more every day.

The fact that sitting position is interpreted by our intelligent body, as a signal to go into "standby" mode. When this occurs, our bodies rapidly increases the level of glucose, the content of good cholesterol decreases and bad, on the contrary, increases. Simply put, the more we sit, the less healthy we become.

8. Danielavideo, but it's true — such a simple and natural process, like breathing, can significantly reduce life expectancy. If you live in a major city or in a highly polluted area, the risk to die prematurely because of air pollution increases significantly.

According to a study conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of technology, 200 thousand people every year die prematurely in connection with air pollution. 53 thousand people die of health problems caused by environmental pollution by exhaust gases. Another 52 thousands of these deaths caused by air pollution from the generation of electric energy.

And you need a lot of time to the life expectancy of those who are constantly breathing polluted air has decreased? No — only ten years.

9. Tense rabatkode we hear people say, "My job is killing me", we do not perceive it literally. However, the new data showed that such a condition in connection with the work (and it probably have experienced all literally can kill. However, slow. Don't believe?

According to a study conducted by the University of London in 2012-m to year, in people experiencing constant stress at work, 23% more heart attack than people whose professions with constant stress are not related — the more stress, the shorter the life. This also applies to those who work 11 hours a day — a long day at work significantly increases the risk of developing depression.

In addition, people with this kind of work, difficulties in personal relationships. In women is likely to increase the risk of developing diabetes. To top it off, a study conducted at the University of tel Aviv, which lasted 20 years, confirmed that people with stressful work run the risk of dying prematurely.

10. Lack of sex

Lack of sex can also lead to premature death. But regular sex, in contrast, likely increases life expectancy. Numerous studies show that regular sex can increase blood circulation, reduce blood pressure and increase the level of good cholesterol.

In addition, sex encourages weight loss: 30 minutes in bed with your partner, and you will burn 200 calories. Sex can protect you from diseases like colds and coughs since it enhances the immune system in General.

If you are feeling a little stressed lately, then you will benefit from a long and tender sex — it can help you relax and reduce stress through the release of oxytocin, stimulating the production of endorphins, "happiness hormones".

That's not all. Regular sex can help you look and feel younger and be more energetic as it increases the production of collagen — the substance, due to which the skin becomes radiant and supple.

But the best part is that regular sex can prolong life. A study conducted at Duke University showed that women who regularly have sex can add to his life another eight years, and regular orgasms in men reduce the likelihood of premature death by as much as 50%.


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