What should be kept secret

The world, though, and is based on the truth, after all, requires balance, but because the sages warn us that there are some things that are still the best kept secret. Mystery present in the Absolute Truth, and therefore in our material world, too, there is a place of mystery, which becomes part of the culture. Disclose is not just some secrets as detrimental as not talking just about the Absolute Truth. Everything has its time. There is a time of complete openness, and there are times of mystery and secrets. Cultural man knows what kind of behavior should be used in any given situation. In short, the mystery - it's not a lie, it is one of the aspects of cultural behavior

. The first thing that must be kept secret, say the sages - is a recipe for a strong medication that you're good at. It seems that such a prescription is necessary to tell on every corner, but in reality, if people will use them properly, the effect can be completely the opposite. Strong medicine may easily become a deadly poison. And since the world is filled with those who want to get rich quickly, any technology works immediately copied and used anywhere indiscriminately.

Little cook-acting remedy, it should be also properly apply and use subtlety depend on the particular circumstances, and to understand them can only be a good specialist. Therefore, those who possess the secrets of powerful medications, not in a hurry to share them, and rightly so, otherwise our world will be filled with copies of drugs, which means that these poisons. I know a sufficiently strong producer of drugs, and do not even try to ask him how he does it. Just tell him about his problem, and he says he can for you to do something or not. Indeed, there were several cases when, envious of his art, some people began to try to prepare the same medicine, inventing his own recipe, so that it is similar to the look and smell the same, but all of these cases ended in severe poisoning.
< br> Second, that the sages recommend, it's not a secret to share about what you do charity. Yes, a good deal - a rarity in this world, and that is why it should be protected as a real jewel. A jewel can only preserve secrecy. Do not tell anyone where you keep your wallet. So people unconsciously pats his pocket, where he had the money is, and this notice are thieves who know about such a reflex. Also, do not, and extol themselves for good deeds, as the pride immediately see and take away all the good that has come as a result of this charity.

How so? It seems that the matter has already been done, why it is possible to lose such good results? Because the case is considered complete only when the latter manifested emotions in our minds. And if the last emotion was pride or narcissism, which means that it undone, and the result will not be. Well, what a beautiful cake? He must still be delicious. Yes, the man in the store bought cake, but that's not all. He can come back and complain about his terrible taste.

And as a result of any good deed must appear sweet taste of humility, modesty and gratitude for the opportunity to make it. If, instead, there were emotions of pride, arrogance or boasting, then spoiled the dish, it was a bitter and nasty. No one has such a cake is not. At best, it will throw out in the trash, and at worst will return back to the store. So do not tell anyone about his good deeds, it is a good exercise for generating a correct responses and emotions. Yes, a complex dish does not work the first time, but if you know exactly what the taste should be the result, sooner or later turn out as it should, and everyone will be satisfied.

The third, which is not recommended to extend the sages - is its austerity. It is not necessary to tell the left and right as you limit yourself to food, to sleep, sexual relations, and in everything else. Asceticism benefits too only if it is combined with emotsionalnoyasketichnostyu. But if I was ascetic only externally, but inside me parses wild joy and pride in my accomplishments, it is not and no penance at all, but an ordinary mischief.

This will involve austerity and outer and inner world, so you should not greatly rejoice that we get something in this regard. Well, that night that you have not slept for three days and did not eat. This is your penance. Why tell others about it? Sharing knowledge is necessary, but not his pride. If we get something, it does not mean that this would have some benefit. Only time will show brought a benefit if there is.

Ascetic people can also degrade as neasketichnye. And neasketichnye people may well save their progress and spiritual attainment. The level of austerity can be compared with the taste, which is not arguing. And different people have their own ideas about how it is necessary to put a high bar for yourself to truly develop, which means that the bar has to be just for me, but not for others. Therefore, there is no point is proud that all they eat bread with butter and cheese, and I, the great ascetic, eating only bread and butter. And once a month I did not smear butter ...

Fourth, what should be quiet - it's about his courage, heroism, or other manifestations of valor. Yes, it's a great thing, but it is given to us as a test from God. Some people are tested outside, and someone inside. External tests are seen, so for them, people get awards, fame and other honors. But overcoming internal testing no one notices, and therefore does not assign any awards for them. Therefore the sages advise heroes external victories to show their respect for the heroes of the internal battles and not to boast of their achievements.

And even more so it is not necessary to demand from the society of honor and respect for their heroic deeds. No society has set us the task to be a hero - it's our own choices, our own testing, our own sense of duty. Therefore it is very strange for its decision to require someone fee. It's like a sweep to the bank, and then demand to pay the bank. Yes, you're done, I put the garbage in front of the bank, but the bank you do not have to become. The hero must be remembered that the award he received in his heart in the form of atonement, and that purity can be destroyed by the desire to receive foreign honors. So remember: a feat accomplished within our own hearts after, and the result is really valuable

. Fifth, what it is not necessary to spread this spiritual knowledge. It seems like so? That's our main purpose - to give people the absolute truth. But the spiritual knowledge of spiritual knowledge strife. It has different levels, and should be disclosed only to achieve a certain level of purity. Therefore, the main mistake novice distributor truth is the desire to share too high spiritual knowledge, which, instead of bringing the benefit of a person, but he was even more confusing, disturbing and even frightening.

Have a preacher this tendency to think that the sublime knowledge, which he is trying to convey, the more it cleans, but it's just another trap of illusion. Any spiritual knowledge cleans equally strong, but not every perceived spiritual knowledge so that they could be used. Therefore the sages warn us: spiritual knowledge must be also practical, which means that it should correspond to the level of perception of each individual

. Hearing about the spiritual reality, one must clearly and easy to understand exactly what he can do right now, and what the real result of this it will, as it will purify his heart, as it will make it even one step closer to eternal happiness. So do not say particularly what man would not be able to take advantage, or he might just give up on the spirituality and to think that it's just foolishness and madness to waste time on something that does not bring any real results. It's like to talk about cakes and go, so do not try and do not share the recipe.

Sixth, what is not necessary especially to share with others - this is its morality. Yes, we can be a great vegetarian, we can profess nonviolence, we can be proud of the purity of life, but we can not in this world to be perfectly moral. Ordinary people every day have to make some form of violence. Yes, we can avoid the basic forms of sin, but there is also an invisible sin, which still is violence, since it leads to the destruction of living beings or causing suffering. So known Pancha-suna, or the five great sins householder. They are described in the smriti and warn us that our behavior is not so easy to make perfect.

First - this is the sin of killing living beings by grinding spices or grains. The second - the sin of killing living beings when walking, the third - the sin of killing living creatures during the harvest, the fourth - the sin of killing living creatures during the kindling fire, and the fifth - the sin of killing living creatures during boiling or drinking water. Therefore, in a traditional Hindu system is used "pancha-maha-yajna." This five major sacrifices forty Vedic rituals. They spend householders.

This brahma-yajna, or the recitation of the Vedas, to pay the debt to the wise, to convey to us this knowledge. Deva-yajna - the worship of demigods, who carry out our daily needs. Petrie-yajna - which is gratefully ancestors. Manushya yajna as a way to give the public debt, for example, through a ritual of hospitality. And Bhuta-yajna as caring for delicate beings that despite the fact that we do not see them, it is still around us and in some way interact with us.

Therefore, as we have seen, especially proud of his morality, we are not very much and is, or any more or less versed in the science of spiritual people here will confront us to a couple of dozen charges not only of immorality, and an immoral hypocrisy. Declare once its outer non-violence, and you will immediately point to the leather shoes, silk clothes (poor moth), on electrical appliances (poor fish at hydroelectric power station and flooded the animals and fields), and generally any production bears little chemical warfare against everything around, and we happily use it, and declaring themselves to be great moralists.

Seventh, what is not worth talking about is their home, and conflicts at all about his family life. Not to put the iron doors and windows, one also has to bite his tongue about what is going on in this house. Remember, the less you talk about the problems in my family, so it will be stronger and more stable. Soar not swept out of the house into the street, rubbish should be collected in a black plastic bag and throw it in the trash. Nobody likes someone who throws garbage at the door to their neighbors. Quarrel - is getting rid of the negative energy that has accumulated in the process of communication. Yes, it's not very nice, but in principle useful as bears, though aggressive, but cleansing.

If this argument is not negative energy emissions and pass on to others, in this case, it is not going anywhere, and returns back to the family and the problems in it only intensified. Therefore, a family man, which tells about the problems in the family surrounding, is like a man who went in the trash to throw garbage and came back with the trash, so do not throw it away. Sewage shall perform its functions and carry away all the waste into the natural cleaner. Therefore, it is not necessary to heat the neighbors, it is not like anyone.

Eighth, what not to say is that the food that you feed the other person is prepared from inexpensive products. Anyone who tries to eat, appreciate its taste, as even the most simple food can be perfectly delicious. But if the cook starts to talk about the fact that he did not have enough money for the olive oil, saffron, brown sugar and fresh ginger, thereby it will only spoil the impression of the meal, and spoiled the mood, as a rule, turns off digestion, and as a result food It turns into poison. So cook tasty, and how this food is rich, it is not necessary to know anyone. Cabbage soup yes porridge - our food

! Ninth, what should remain silent - it's about the ugly and slang words that have been from someone heard. As we have found out, the garbage can be not only rude, but also thin. It can therefore be dirty boots on the street and can be dirty mind. And the man who, when he comes home, tells all that he heard a fool on the way, is no different from a man who came home and walk on it without removing shoes. Previously, it was generally considered uncultured enter the house in shoes, so it always left in the hallway. And still, this tradition has been preserved in some places of the world.

And tenth, what should bite my tongue - it's about their far-reaching plans. The sages advised to keep quiet until then, until this plan is accomplished. What in the world plans are executed - this is true in some ways a miracle. Therefore, to prevent any plan is easy enough - you just have to find it all weaknesses and talk about it. It is enough to learn about someone's plan, and there are many opportunities to stop him. Therefore, be aware that any of our plan is not only perfect, but there a huge number of weak points, which is very easy to hit and destroy everything. So let's not chance his detractors, and, therefore, do not open without the need for their plans.

And in the end I want to remind that the wise man does not boast, and his humility, as from time to time life forces us to take a very hard, strong-willed, and even aggressive actions. So be humble inside as outside, we sometimes have to turn into warriors to meet the challenges posed by life in front of us. Arjuna also tried to show humility, having gone into the forest from the war, but it almost turned into a great shame ...

Author: Vyacheslav Rouses


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