What happens to a Russian women after 30 years

"Politically incorrect topic" ... There was I, when beautiful, bright, intelligent women suddenly dimmed when the conversation somehow touched the side of their age. It was also in communication with the client, and with friends / girlfriends, and a year ago, and a few days ago ... As if there is something "wrong" that you 35 - 40 years old, and you still retain a pronounced interest in men You take care of themselves or even (horrors!) - Single or divorced. With surprise and sadness I saw them very attractive to me is how women with stress talking about the age of their children. Well, okay, if children 3-4 years. And if 12-16? Anyone who hears about the age of children, certainly "pretend" maternal age. AND? What will happen then?

Do you need to instantly turn into my eyes, the eyes of 31-year-old men, old aunts? Predatory body's grace, confident and smart look, natural behavior, not due to an overwhelming desire to please all the boys at the expense of - all this should fail, shrivel, shrivel in one second? But if it happens in my mind, it was only when I - a teenager or very young people. By age - or in psychology. And you need the boys? ... It is remarkable, in my opinion, about men looking at women wrote Dmitry Sokolov-Mitrich.

Now ask any young: the most important thing in a woman? No, not a romantic point of view, but from a purely physiological. Any young will say age. The younger the woman is, the more valuable it is for men - though the young man, even the old man. And I think so too. 20-25 In women over 30, I looked almost old women. This view of them seemed to me an unconditional and objective. I was terribly sorry for mature men and the elderly, who have to live with these creatures stale when there are so many young and unmarried. And while still on the occasion of various celebrations squeeze out false compliments and mediocre rhyme "Baba berry again┬╗.

And three or four years ago, I suddenly caught myself on the fact that my hormonal system treacherously evolves. Young create up to 25 years once slowly but steadily moved into the category of children and ceased to excite. The body with the responsibility to me said, "Stop! It's not yours! "But" their "steel girls under 30 and even" aunt "in the thirties. They have me do not seem stale and especially old women. In their eyes, figure, movements have some biological code that my body understands and accepts. A 20-year-old and it is not, it seems, no longer will. In very young eyes hollow, almost statue, their movements are too sharp and intense, and sexy -. A purely speculative

And I largely subscribe to the words D.Sokolova-Mitrich, moreover, that not so long ago he realized the changes taking place in their own perception. Only it is, rather, not about the hormonal changes. And about growing up. Young girls still can cause (and cause) of interest, but it is often some "empty" ... You start to strive to be together and not have sex with the body. And since a person, and includes a body. Because in the first case, you can do a rubber doll (and some - cost). The second sexual arousal depends not only and not so much from the body. Strictly speaking, it was young and more dependent on the brain than on the hormones.

Fixation on a young body - this is a typical feature of contemporary infantile and adolescent popular culture. When a person is replaced by the body, and chat - sex. Woman portrayed mass culture - a doll, a dream inflamed from an overabundance of hormones and unsatisfied desire of adolescent consciousness. Therapist E.Mihaylova when meeting with glamor asks himself these questions: "What should be done with the girl, to corrode to the point of its communication with the opposite sex, even the shadow of any kind was natural? Why is the relationship with the man in this "scenario" completely devoid of joy - no interest or pleasure, one big fear of bugs? Why is the imaginary man, who seemed to give up some endless examination, a poor, weak, uninteresting? ... Why "our telezritelnitsy" did not suggest - judging by the questions - that they are in communion with the men want different, search and find different? Where at least one mention of the fact that the body, the soul, the mind, the spirit of women in general have their own - and different - needs ┬╗

?. And (conditionally) to 35 years or a woman is still aware of yourself this, "different", becoming a personality blossoming genuine femininity, or - which is much more often - completely extinguished. "What's going on with Russian women after 30 years?" - Often puzzled foreigners. Nothing special. Probably, many have simply decided that the "old" ... And sometimes even those who held, in feminine and sexy, slip this anxiety. It is often not expressed, but there is in communion with men, especially a little younger than them.

... This is not about what you need the right and left to scream about his age. This, of course, a personal matter. But, my dear woman, "thirty", you - the beautiful and clever, and really want you to feel themselves to be next to me and other men without the fear that someone will open suddenly "shameful secret". Well, them, these young people with their criteria?

Author: Ilya Latypov


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