Psychosomatic causes of women's diseases

Diseases of the reproductive system often referred to as "female" diseases, emphasizing their close relationship with the floor.

The way we treat ourselves as a woman, as well as to their sexuality, to have sex at all, our beliefs and internal restrictions - all this affects the state of women's health

. In terms of underlying psychosomatic, emotional causes of these diseases are rooted in beliefs, resentment and rejection of manifestations of femininity.

Will we be indignant that "men obviously easier to live" if we are ashamed of their sexuality or, on the contrary, if we are in harmony with its cycles, with its deep power - all this is reflected in our body

. And, although the reasons for each individual disease - is unique, there are common "trigger motives" that are characteristic for specific diseases

. Let's take a closer look.

Psychosomatic causes of "female" disease


Thrush is a deep inner longing for innocence, or conscious setting: "I am pure and without blemish, and around rubbish and filth»

. During the course of the disease sex becomes impossible, the body realizes the depth setting.

Man regret for the lost spiritual purity and wants surrounding believed in his innocence. Also - thrush can talk about their experiences or suppressed anger

. If you go on, the disease causes a belief in the existence of "right" and "wrong decisions". It is also characterized by a high value of someone else's evaluation and self-punishment for non-compliance. Longing for a "perfect».

In addition, the yeast which responds poorly to treatment and last for literally years, and may be associated with deep injuries (violence, conflicts) and experiences, until unconscious prohibition to exercise their sexuality in principle.

Cervical erosion

This disease is circulating in the number of women is comparable to thrush.

On an emotional level, the emergence of erosion preceded by strong resentment against the man / male partner. Self-love women much wounded, resentment is so strong that it "does not heal." Unrealized energy resentment literally "eating away" the woman inside.

A possible solution to the problem - changing world, if you want to - work with the convictions of sex and making his own body. Forgiveness, letting the traumatic experience with the obligatory expression of anger.

PMS, menstrual problems

Menstruation - a natural, necessary for the body's cleansing process -. Painless in the normal course

Such common phenomenon among women as PMS, painful menstruation cycle disorders suggests a deep rejection of their own femininity.

Drinking femininity depends on our relationship with my mother. Experienced in childhood resentments and anger and hatred towards the mother block our connection with his inner woman in adulthood.

In the life of the girls mom - first ideal woman

. If she raises her irritation, fear, or anger, the girl decides to be like her, and accordingly - not be a woman

. Possible solution: A very deep process knowledge and recognition of their own femininity, analysis of the fears and beliefs. Restoring the balance of male and female. The study of relations with the parents of both sexes. Forgiveness.

Uterine fibroids

Fibroids - benign tumor that fills the womb

. So can occur unrealized subconscious desire to have offspring. And most of these are associated with certain aspects of the identity of the woman - such as hard limiting beliefs "real woman only one that has children," "If I'm raising a child is not - I'm not a woman," that is, the importance of motherhood aspect of strongly surpasses
<. br> At the same time, most fibroids develop in women who gave birth after 40 years, when the children become independent, and the role of mothers in the family is weakened somewhat. Often the process is connected, and the fear of old age and their own "worthlessness", most often it occurs in women uninitiated. That is, women who do not notice the other variants of women's self-realization.

Therefore, the body in response to the fears and unrealized energy grows like "replacement of the fetus." That is, the uterus fills. Similar processes can also occur in younger nulliparous women if they for some reason are very eager, but "can not" to have a baby - "inappropriate conditions", "no man»

. Possible Solution: Find an alternative way to implement maternal capacities. You can "tolerate" the idea, creative project, "to have a" spiritual offspring, send to release the energy to explore the world, study, improvement in relations with a partner, a return to the archetype of the "mistress" or

"muse". Find a sphere of activity in which it will be possible to realize the untapped power, love and attention. The most important thing to overcome fear of old age and re-perceive the richness of women's self-realization options. In terms of treatment in dealing with fibroids and oncology techniques work very well medical imaging and therapy.

However, it is rather very important, supportive and rehabilitative factor, not excluding traditional medical treatment. Increases its efficiency by 50-70% percent, but does not replace it completely, especially for large size tumors.

Psychosomatic causes of "female" disease


Quite a common disease in women.

Cystitis can occur as a consequence of a strong, unexpressed anger, when a person harbors, conceals the offense on others.

He tells them that he does not like, he believes others must guess yourself, and just do not realize it or did not notice (I'm not valuable), or because the "bad" by definition (their fault). Cystitis occurs also in response to the painful "emotional sticking" in the offense or any desire that can not be realized since its implementation is dependent on another person. This condition is characterized by a strong emotional feeling, depending on the object of resentment / desire and constant daily living toxic negative emotions against

«abuser." Thus, the body says that the need to take responsibility for their lives and learn not only to speak out loud about their needs, but also on their own to satisfy them.

Possible Solution: It is important to take responsibility for their lives - and only you are responsible for your happiness. In addition - to help develop the ability to express anger in a safe for the surrounding environment, and skills of unconditional love of self. As well as the ability to easily switch attention in and out of negative thoughts and emotions alone.

Women's health depends not only on purely physiological reasons, but also closely linked with its emotional state.

To learn to live in harmony and order, and to another, you must learn to communicate confidentially with the body, to understand and accept it. Carry out deep inner psychological work, after which your body and your life will be filled with even greater joy and pleasure.


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