Woman-zero, the woman-minus, a woman-plus

There are women-zero, which extort your attention and approval and harass your vitality. The longer you are with them, the more you feel that you become smaller, and more of them.

There are women-minus, that their fear of losing loved ones, slowly but surely drive them to the grave.

And there are women-plus - those special women, near which bloomed and become the darling of fortune, lucky lucky, a favorite of Fortune

. Purpose of women - to be a woman-plus, which blooms environment and makes sure that she was satisfied, and his wonderful their energy can be fed longer

. Of the thousands of women with whom I spoke, I could see no more than 7-8% of women-plus. Meeting with them - always a holiday! And for every man.

In general, women live-zero in the modern world. They were taught to survive in a man's world, and they believed that life - a struggle and everything goes hard work. It is necessary to snatch a piece of life, otherwise it will take away someone else.

By faith and rewarded. And over the years, this belief or strengthened, and woman-woman becomes zero or minus, or the soul begins to whisper in mind: "You're not a fool! Look, you're doing something wrong! There are other ways of development! Those fools thought you live better than you. Enough to go into the abyss, begin to learn to fly to the other side. Where there is happiness, not the eternal struggle for it! »

Look closely at the really successful women who have everything in order with man, health and money.

What these women plus create the space in which thrive abundance, love, family and happiness?

Look at them through the eyes of the men who choose them and provide.

What we men see in a woman such that decide at any cost to get it?

We see three main qualities:

 - Adoption, expressed in respect of other

.  - Integrity, expressed in self-esteem and self-esteem

.  - Naturally expressed in coherence at the level of mind, feelings and behavior and allows her to show all of their feelings, not worrying about whether or not to approve it

. Woman gives man power over their emotions. The one who is afraid to show their feelings, but they get hungry on the man - just a vampire. Because she is a woman-zero or negative.

Hiding behind a mask of imperturbability his inner world, she considers herself a mystery, but for men it is - a burden

. The woman - the earth, the man - a tree, feeding on the ground

. Woman-zero or negative - it's the land that sucks wood all his juices. And the first tree wither, and with long-term presence of such land dries.

Unmet need for approval and recognition makes for a woman unknowingly energy vampires with men.

To stop pumping energy with others, you need to find the source of energy that will give a sense of integrity.

Such a source for women (after the adoption of his mother) is the inner man.

Union with its Inner Man and his Shadow (repressed feelings) give much desired natural, self-sufficiency and energy to take the other.

Unfortunately, reading the instructions on how to merge with the Inner Man and Shadows does not give understanding, nor, especially, the desired effect.

The purpose of the article - to give direction to the development of your transition from female to female zero plus

. Looking for a way to awaken, nurture and strengthen your inner man who will protect your inner woman and attract / wake your outer man.

Again. Woman Plus - a woman agreed its internal Male and Female

. Author: Mark Ifraimov


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