7 habits, quietly consuming your happiness

The world is full of unhappy people.

I speak from my own experience - among my friends a lot of quite a respectable and affluent people who are not satisfied with their lives. They have a normal job and a roof over his head, and the opportunity to buy their own delicious food, beautiful clothes, appliances and other pleasant and useful things. They have close friends who will share with them any joy and support in difficult times. At the same time they feel unhappy.

Everyone has different reasons for this. Someone a little money, some people do not have enough love and intimacy, who is suffering because of the inability to realize their abilities and desires. There are those whose brain is so clogged prejudices, resentments, anger and other mental garbage that they do not even understand why unhappy.

But there are other people. Regardless of where they live, what they do and how much money they have, they are steamed over their lives. They live in their pleasure. People of this type are found in the richest countries and the poorest, where there are such problems that we do not even think - the problem with electricity, medicines and fresh water

. What distinguishes the people of the first type from the second, and which of them are you?

First in his lifetime made a number of bad habits that are firmly entrenched in their minds and prevent them enjoy life in all its manifestations. This is not masochism or hidden desire to harm yourself is a normal process - so we educate, and so arranged our society. But the latter denied this and live in their pleasure.

At a minimum, these bad habits - seven. You want to be happier? Proceed.

Pessimism, self-flagellation and a tendency "to think too much»

When something goes wrong, you start to worry about why it happened, who is to blame, and will be next? Perhaps you start blaming yourself or others in this. How can I be happy if there was a problem?

What to do? Recognize that life is not perfect, and it can not be all exactly the way you want. It happens all, or, as our English-speaking neighbors on the planet, shit happens! What is the point to beat my head against the wall, looking for the guilty, and to curse his luck, if everything has already happened? Draw conclusions, but do not twist the self and not worry about what has happened.

Taking all things happening around as it should
Regardless of how much or how little you have, there will always be those things for which you can be grateful for. Taking all their wealth and achievements for granted, you become cynical and indifferent, that does not make you happy. Material things, relationships with others, your health, career - rather fragile material, which can be lost in the same way as to obtain, so it makes sense not to forget about it and thank yourself and destiny for what you have right now
The habit to compare myself with other
All people are different, and all is learned in comparison, but the habit consider themselves somewhat worse than others, real poisons life. It occurs in childhood, when parents constantly, we are told that all the children - the children and you as I do not know who is, well, everything in the same way in response to our behavior. Because of this, as well as for other reasons, many of us grow up with a number of complex and low self-esteem.

In order to avoid such comparisons, you should learn to accept yourself for who you are, and constantly observe a good hand, but not to dwell on the bad. Set goals and achieve them, motivate yourself, develop and track their progress. If you see that growing and changing for the better, then this habit gradually come to naught. In the end, you are not the only one - also love silence surrounding myself with you to compare, and these comparisons - not in their favor

. procrastination
Simply put, the habit to procrastinate. As a result of this habit complex and important, but useful things are not done, but time is hammered nonsense, and for days, weeks, or even months vyprodolzhaete stagnate. Undone things hanging on the neck of dead weight, and the more they accumulate, the more our productivity falls below. Most Active procrastinators (pardon the pun) is usually roll down to the bottom of society, what else can be said about happiness?

Fight procrastination is simple, it is only important to get yourself to start and continue until it enters into a useful habit. Compose lists, limit yourself time limits, take on obligations, that there was some sort of incentive to continue the work, reward yourself. If you do not want to do something, it is better to completely cancel this deal than constantly postponed.


For many, happiness is associated with the fact that sunbathing on the beach, drinking cocktails and watching and doing nothing. Of course, as the rest of the work is a very attractive option, but how do you think it will be able to sit back so long?

Happiness does not come to those who spend their lives in vain, because one of its most important components - the ability to receive pleasure from your favorite things. Short-term idleness allows you to relax and recover, but for a long gradually becoming more and more boring. So do what you do best, and the fruits of your labors will make life happier than idle idleness.

The habit to put their work above relations
In our society, that is considered successful, who are building a career and earn more money. But it often happens that a person works for years, strives for happiness, and it goes past him.

Very often in the pursuit of success, we forget about the relationship with family and friends (or just hammering on them). But by its very nature people - social creatures, and each of us at least subconsciously, but it requires interaction with others: their knowledge, their emotions, their approval and support. Deliberately depriving themselves of communicating with loved ones, we make your life miserable and boring, because they are becoming less and less.

The habit to associate happiness with material things
Finally, the most destructive habit, which has an overwhelming majority of the population of this country - hope to be happy when they met some of their material needs. We tend to think that we will make happy new TV, smart phone, a car or a new home, but it's a false feeling - the joy of obtaining the desired almost always lasts much less than the path to this goal

. More important things for us are our health and our relationship to reality. The man who knows how to find positive aspects in simple, short-term things, possessing strong friendship and kinship ties, physical activity, vigorous and energetic is a much higher level of happiness than its neighbor, surrounded by expensive trendy things, but completely empty and boring inside. Any wealth are transitory, but what is inside you, no one can take away.

What to do now? If you do not feel very happy, then take one of the above habits and start working on its removal. For information on how to overcome these habits, as well as other useful things, I write in my blog - subscribe and read new articles first!

Author: Mikhail Soloviev


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