How to be interesting: 10 Simple Steps

The artist and blogger Jessica Hagee believes that interest may be one, as mediocrity - a lot of lazy. She proves it in his book "How to be interesting: 10 Simple Steps" filled with diagrams and tested on personal experience ...
How to be interesting: 10 Simple Steps

1. Explore
Explore new ideas, places and opinions. Listen only to yourself - the lot unbearably boring people

. disconnect
Without the card, you can find places that there is not marked. By turning off the phone, you can talk with someone who will meet on the way. Pass another batch of updates to social networks and look at yourself. Gadgets bind you to the familiar world. Turn them off and plunge into the unknown.

Arrange a vacation every day
Let briefly. Take a walk around the city at dawn. Throw in an unfamiliar mailbox. Read the journal left by someone at the bus stop. Walk in the rain. Order a hot chocolate in an unfamiliar cafe. Use any spare moment.

Keep asking "why?»
Parents can not stand it when their children are plagued by questions. Why? Because. Why? Because. Why? Because. And again, and again. But try it for yourself. And surprise, both simple "why?" Followed by an interesting "because ...».

2. Share your findings
Be generous. Not everyone can go with you. Allow them to go through the same adventures as you.

initiative Do not wait for tomorrow. Say and do right now. Go back to where you need to be. Do not wait for an invitation - invite yourself. Do not sit by the phone - call. Spread the rumor. Click on the button. Buy your tickets and enjoy the presentation.

Tells about the obvious (to you)
What do you know, for others it is often a mystery. That is as old as the world for you, someone will seem fresh idea. For you, the task is simple, it is for the other - an insurmountable obstacle. Your mind is full of treasures that no one else can see. Pull them out into the light. When delishsya ideas, they do not disappear. On the contrary, only multiplied.

Be the link, rather than an endpoint
Do not just talk. Do not just listen. Meet people. Helping strangers. Share what you know. That is how the idea is growing like a snowball and eventually turns into an event. Be the nucleus around which the whole community is created.

3. Do something. Anything
Dance. Write. Build. Communicate. Play. Help. Be creative. No matter what you do, if you are doing something. Yes, just in case: this does not apply to "sit and whine»

. Make a choice. any
You do not decide how to dispose of the current day? His life? Career? To be honest, it does not matter. Crumbling even well-designed plans. A rush undecided from one version to another - true means so nothing to do in a lifetime. Flip a coin. Spin the bottle. Rely on intuition. And forward!

Throw trash
Not every thing worth doing. Not necessarily every unpleasant job to perform. Avoid things that hurts you. If something can not be avoided (washing or filling in a tax return), get this with pleasure - and you do, throw out of my head. Make room for what really matters. And really interesting.

To stake out their territory
Whatever you do, enjoy their job. Take it. Perfection in it. Wield them. The only way to combine a sense of freedom with a sense of security.

4. Take your
oddities In the world there is no "normal" people. Each has its own characteristics and inherent views only. Do not hide them from others - this is what makes you an interesting person

. Be yourself on people
Coming out of the house, a stay. Be yourself at work. Wear proudly your personality. Do not censor your skills. Do not hide its own unique features. To stand out, you need to have personality. It remains only a person who does not hide it from others.

Stop apologizing
There is nothing wrong in being unique. There is nothing wrong to be different from others. You do not need to apologize for the fact that you are an interesting person.

Capitalizes the features
What makes you interesting, you add value. Only you will be able to express what you know, do what you are doing, and know what you know. And you do not need a huge niche - quite a bit of land to stick your flag

. 5. Live a meaningful
If you do not care at all, everyone will spit on you.

Spend money on the right things
To pay you? Who pays you? What are the people and companies you are associated? Do you agree with their policies, practices and behavior? Arrange them you? If not, you can always make a difference by starting to spend money on something else.

Strive for maximum
Ask yourself, is the best possible? If not, is such that? And enjoy a better achievement.

Place your order
Most important, assign the highest priority. Everything else is organized by itself.

6. Keep it simple
The ego is in the way of ideas. If your arrogance noticeable than experience, people will avoid you.

Imagine how much you do not know
Everything you ever learn, is just a microscopic grain of sand compared to the vast, vast universe of information. Let this sobering fact calms you.

Not everyone needs what you have
Your greatest achievement, no matter how impressive it may seem to you, for someone - a nightmare. Your most valuable asset for someone - just tasteless trash. Show off careful!

Think about how you are lucky
Do you deserve what you have? Perhaps, partly. And what you do not have? Probably, no. Recognize the role of coincidence in our world, randomness, system processes (and luck, of course).

7. Try
Try. Examine new ideas. Do something unusual. You do not grow up until you leave your comfort zone.

Acknowledge their desires
To deny the dream - then kill it in the bud. Do not feel guilty, seeking for something. There is nothing wrong to want something. Save your guilt on the case, if not give yourself a chance to at least try.

Will cross their borders
If you are somewhere were not, it does not mean that you do not like it there. If something is not part of your duties, it does not mean that you can not do that. Only you can decide in which league play.

Hold the hard case
Be aware that obstacles frighten off most of your competitors. In addition, as a rule, address the most difficult problems in the end brings the greatest satisfaction.

8. Get off the track with another
Do not do things that are already doing everything - this train left without you. Come up with something of their own, and then you will be pulled to the fans.

Protisnites in
niche The narrower the niche is, the less room for imitators. If you want to be interesting to do something special, not ordinary.

Do not pursue widespread
If something is found everywhere, it is not necessarily worthy of praise or participation.

Become noticeable
To be successful, you do not need to become world-famous and filthy rich. You just do what you manage best.

9.Soberites with
spirit To have an opinion and to go unbeaten through, we need courage. If you do not have enough courage to remain stagnate around the cooler and discuss those who have it in abundance.

riot If you suddenly realize that you are working on something pointless or fruitless, stop immediately. Do not fight for what you do not see the value. You'd be surprised how many people support your protest.

authorities Authorities tend to fetter, restrain and restrict freedom. Dispose of them as far as possible.

Do not be afraid of friction
You do not want to intrude. You do not like making waves. You do not dare ask for what you need. But you have to overcome yourself.

10. Ignore the swearing
Being boring is safe. Becomes more interesting, you will often hear the angry 'behave as it should. " Those who scolds you, too, "could", "would", "would have done." But we did not. And so their furious your readiness for adventure.

Do not belittle yourself
A nasty little voice in your head criticizes and humiliates you? Make him shut up actions that will prove him wrong. Warning: this may take years

. Learn all
You can learn how to not have to live in the dregs, that you face. You can learn how to live you need to have the people you love and respect. Read all of this scientific study human behaviors.

Do not confuse the ridicule and criticism.

Structurally, the only thing that can be used for self-improvement.


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