Landfill turns, the Park

In the vicinity of tel Aviv opened the original exhibition of installations from industrial waste "Coca-Cola Recycled Safari. This is the actual debut of the newly built Park named "Ariel Sharon", located on the former city dump "here". Bright and expressive sculptures in the shapes of animals and birds were made from found here, waste cans, plastic and glass bottles of Coca-Cola.

To understand the magnitude of this progressive step, we need to look to the past: here, on the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean sea, residents and tourists are not tired to enjoy the fruit plantations and well-tended fields of a flourishing region. But then environmental issues started coming one after another: waste began to pollute the soil and rivers, and effective control over the garbage disposal is still not implemented.

Millennium is the largest in the country landfill, "here", located between tel Aviv and Ramat Gan, served as a silent reproach of insolvency of the environmental policy of Israel.

An artificial ridge with a height of more than 82 meters and an area of over 800 hectares are turned into a real danger for planes taking off from located in the immediate vicinity of the airport Ben-Gurion. "Here" even gained fame of a place where you can find everything here during the war in the Persian Gulf fell the remnants of the Soviet space satellite.

But, as reads the inscription on the ring of king Solomon, "everything passes and this too shall pass". In Israel, finally, created a new "green" party, which combined a number of eco-organizations. These people had to solve pressing problems: clean rivers and streams, to monitor wastewater and come up with something useful concerning landfills – because the state is not big enough to bury him under the debris.

The active action of "green" was dictated by nature: the rainy season, and now the garbage slopes of the hill began to slide down, blocking the channel of the river nearby – there was a threat of flooding as the waters of the Ayalon and damaged sewage drains.

In short, "Girii" was destined to become the only part of the story — today there is growing grass and rustles the leaves of trees. This ecological wonder has become one of the most anticipated projects of turning the dead zone cultural centre, recreation and entertainment.

So far, visitors open, only the first 10 hectares of the new Park – a guided tour a La Safari, which are still important and informative load. Visitors to the exhibition have the opportunity not only to admire the masterfully constructed from stuff animals, but also to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the collection and processing of solid waste.

Children and adults can participate in workshops and to make yourself from the debris of different household crafts. Indeed, can a thing should not have to throw away? – She still is!

According to the plans of developers, the Park named "Ariel Sharon" will occupy about the same territory as the three Central Park in new York. This area will adjoin the existing green area around the rivers Yarkon and Ayalon to form around the tel Aviv continuous chain of living nature.

In the near future there will be all necessary for high-quality recreation infrastructure – cafes and restaurants, amphitheatre and Playground, as well as special teaching areas to educate people on the issues of environmental protection.


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