The concept of a tubular lamp

Everyone will love this concept of tubular lamps that can easily stretch and shrink to the desired length. That is, regardless of the width of the holder need only one bulb, not to be mistaken with the correct size. It is something like a standard tubular lamp, which is suitable for any device with any holders. When the width of the holder is large, the lamp you just need to stretch smaller width of the holder pipe turns into a tighter spiral.

Of course, the idea seems pretty simple, but its developer Wives Zhu (Zhen Zhou) until there is only the goal you want to achieve, but the solution of the problem at the moment is not clear. The main element in this case is the material from which will be produced by this tube lamp, it is the essence of the project. Is it fiberglass or some special plastic, still the technology needs to be thought through in more detail. Especially because there is a risk of sagging of an elastic material with strong stretch, consequently you need to consider some sort of pipe support. For example, some hard and thin frame, which will not be noticeable under maximum stretch, so it does not spoil the whole appearance, but could be stretched together with the lamp. And another small drawback of this idea: lamp power as opposed to its length does not change, therefore the bigger the size, the lower the light level in lumens/cm2.

Despite all the defects at a deep enough study to realize this great idea, it is possible, because not in vain this concept under the sonorous name Telescopic Tube (Telescopic tube) was the winner of the international forum for Talented development (iF Design Talents in 2012.

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