The Village Of Marken, Holland

In the Netherlands, as in any other European country, the tourist business and the natural accommodation of indigenous people go hand in hand. Marken – the most evident proof of this. Here every house is like a Museum and every detail for a long time and I want to examine. After three centuries, very little has changed in the appearance of the place.

Marken is on a lake Saundersa, and until the mid 20th century was an island. The name of the reservoir is translated as South sea, but, in fact, once it was a shallow Bay of the North sea, and after the dam is built, in everyday life, a different name — Ysselmeer. The lake is a huge reservoir of fresh water, and in 1957 an alluvial site linked Marken to the mainland. The centuries-old struggle with the sea has sunk into Oblivion, however, the way fishing village, and fishing fish have survived to this day.

Small, half-wooden and half brick houses are very neat, they are painted in dark green and are located on stilts. Relief striped boards creates the effect of a chiasm, bright green contrast white trim, white pipes on the walls and white cornices under the roofs.


Perhaps the people of Marken are competing in the design of homes and Windows, and this art has here reached unprecedented heights. Such wonderful Windows, of exquisite beauty lace curtains handmade and so peerless floral hats are not to find in any Dutch wilderness (and caps colors three times more pots in which they grow).

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