30 interesting facts about the beautiful Amsterdam

Have you been to Amsterdam? If yes, then this city will never leave your heart ... And if not, then read these facts that make Amsterdam add to your list of cities that are definitely worth visiting!

1 On Dam Square -. Amsterdam's main tourist area of ​​the movement does not stop in any day of the year at any time of the day. Some tourists look a little ... weird.

< 2. Ajax always carry a raincoat, since due to the proximity to the sea the weather is unpredictable in Amsterdam, and rain may begin at any time . With umbrella on the bike (which is the main transportation in the city) is not particularly trains, but in a raincoat -.. Just right

3 April 30 Queen's Day, the whole town dresses up in royal orange

4 Amsterdam -.. the city of the channels through which to throw more than 600 bridges. Most interesting - Blauburg and Maher Brug ( "Skinny Bridge»)

5 The most enjoyable way to travel to Amsterdam -.. On a bicycle. For the locals there are more than half a million "iron horses"! Tourists can rent bikes in the city center.

6. As you know, Amsterdam is located below sea level and protected from his dam. According to legend, once the sea found a small hole in the stone, which is under the pressure of the water mass could grow, and then ... bye and the dam, and a beautiful city. But this threat has noticed passing by and the boy kept his head - plugged the hole with your finger, he began to call for help. The city was saved

7 Amsterdam -. The birthplace of several world-famous beers, for example, of Grolsch. This beer is brewed in the country since 1615 under an exclusive Dutch recipe. Serve it in a 250-gram glasses with foam head and a half inches.

< 8. 55% amsterdamtsev speak three or more languages.

< 10. in the XVIII century the city council, in order to reduce noise, forbidden to move around the cobbled streets in a carriage. So they had to ride in the summer sledge.

11. City nearly gave his name to New York. The Dutch colony of New Amsterdam was renamed New York in 1664

13 Amsterdam -.. One of the safest cities in Europe, but we should beware of the usual petty scams and pickpockets. The police here are also very quiet, but it is always better to have a passport (required by law, and tourists are sometimes asked to show proof of identity).

< 14. Among the 2400 houseboats in city the number of channels and the "cat's ship", where live homeless animals

15 at the Maritime Museum of the Netherlands, you can see the unique exhibit -.. gray with a white coating a piece of skin, once belonged to Lieutenant Jan van Speyku. In 1831, when the Belgians defeated the Dutch fleet, Lieutenant refused to lower the flag. Instead, he threw his cigar into a powder magazine blew up himself and the ship and crew.

17. Amsterdam is often compared to Venice, but the canals and bridges is much more. The city has about 1200 bridges, more than 150 channels and about 90 islands. Amsterdam is entirely built on huge pilings driven into the ground under the water column.

< 18. Amsterdam is one of the safest cities in Europe.

< 19. < / it is said that when the "iron horse" comes into disrepair, this amsterdamets throws it into the channel, so the bottom of the most popular channels are literally littered with bicycles.

22. Parks and nature reserves Amsterdam make up more than 12% of the total area of ​​the city, but a strong urbanization has completely destroyed the natural landscape and landforms.

23. In the capital of the Netherlands is home to over 170 nationalities!
< br> 24. police Department, which is responsible for parking, only has armored glass, as there have been instances when irate motorists were "dissatisfied" blockers on wheels.

25 . you do not get to buy an apartment in the city center. We'll have to buy the whole house or several at once.

26. In the Amsterdam there is no free parking.

< 27. Prostitutes in Amsterdam, pay taxes, are social. package and your union.

28. In Amsterdam, there is a whole area of ​​18,000 floating houses, which are designed for 45,000 people. Some of them are placed in special piles.

< 29. The Dutch love to cook mashed potatoes (eten prakken). Not only from potatoes. They mulled any products. The best example of showing love to the Dutch sauce, a traditional dish shtamppot ( «stamppot»). It is made of herbs and various vegetables. Everything is cooked, then mulled and sausage crown. Some Dutch converted into some kind of a mess, even pasta and fries.

< 30. In the Netherlands, curtains or wide open all day, or they do not. The Dutch always want to see that outside? Try to let more light into the living room? Or just do not want to buy curtains? Whatever the reason, it is clear that the Dutch are different openness. But do not try to be viewed through the window what they were doing. It is considered very rude.

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