Scientific and Technical Center of Captain Nemo in Amsterdam

One of the recommended places to visit in Amsterdam (especially with children) - is NEMO, a place where you can build with their hands power, touch the electricity and fly out of the solar system.

Near here is a moored ship, which also can be visited.
In the heart of the 5 floors (the fifth café with a terrace, it is possible to see panoramically Amsterdam), and all of them can and must do something with hands, feet and head. It looks like this

Here is a particularly favorite things:

Something like the layout of the production line, where you have to chase balls with the help of computer control. Try it could not because it was a lot of wishing.

And here has come off - with three rivers flowing mountain, on which there are 4 turbines. We need to build the dam and the dam, the water flow to the turbine twisted. The sensor (a plate with the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4) shows the capacity of each of your plants - competitive effect here that we must work.

Here kosmovelotrenazher. You sit down and pedaling, and before you a screen that shows your speed in parsecs, sail by first planet of the solar system and then marrying her. A fun and very informative, competitive effect again present - the faster twist, the more you fly.


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