Contemporary architecture (19 photos)

It is a pity that in Russia a big problem with modern architecture. Do you know why?
Yes, because no orders for good quality modern architecture.
Accordingly, there are no specialists who have all come to life.
If you dig deeper, the problem is in us, in our bad taste and a complete lack of understanding about the good architecture.
We are talking about designers and architects, some would like to see the house and what happens - sucks.
Let's look at the building in other countries, that's what I understand - the taste!

Funenpark Quarter in Amsterdam

Church Josemaría Escrivá Balaguer in Mexico

The residential complex in Singapore Reflections

Home «V», the house "M" and the house "mountain»

The residential complex is 8 HOUSE, Copenhagen

City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia


House-shoes, or the headquarters of ING in Amsterdam

Oriente Station, Lisbon

House of Music, Porto

Brain Berlin

Vodafone's new office in Porto

Business district Papendorp Netherlands

New Quarter in Amsterdam, Boston and Detroit

Public Library of Amsterdam

Book a restaurant in Brussels

Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid

Terminal 4 Madrid-Barajas Airport

House of bin Laden. Madrid

I do not argue, is in Moscow a few interesting buildings, well, they are so few.



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