8 facts about the Coca-Cola Company from the book by Michael Blanding «Coca-Cola. Dirty Truth "


The fact that Coca-Cola was invented by pharmacist John Pemberton, consisted of coca leaves and kola nuts, was patented as a drug from nervous disorders and sold in pharmacies, it is known to everyone today. The majority knows that Santa Claus as we know it, the work of Coca-school marketing department. The company 80 years to put it to firmly link the image of plump old man dressed in red, with the main winter holiday season.

However, few people realize the unreality of cola craving for continuous growth: sales volumes, consumption per capita cost. In times of expansion of Coca-Cola in the school, for example, the company decided that the children should not drink 1 liter of cola a day, and a minimum of 3. With such unpleasant facts from the history of the brand book is replete with «Coca-Cola. Dirty Truth ", which is a journalistic investigation of how the drink was created and developed the company during the period from 1885 to the present day.

Here are some interesting facts mentioned in the book by Michael Blanding. < 1. Coca-Cola is not the original drink at the time. It was at least 4-5 companies, which also released "Coke", but started doing this before.

Current Coca-Cola hides and hides the fact that the 20 years of the original composition of the drink contained coca leaves. Until 1906, it was indeed a "coca" cola.

2. Pro expansion of Coca-Cola during the Second World War. It turned out that "sow democracy around the world" was not invented by the state government. Guide Coca-Cola has proven the administration that the soldiers drink is associated with the "motherland" and gave Cola crazy at the time the promise: "Every US soldier in every part of the world will be able to buy a bottle of Coca-Cola at a price of 10 cents." And not to carry over the world glass Coca-Cola bottle just took money from the government to build its own factories in Europe and Latin America, which have poured a drink. So Coca-Cola quickly and easily, without any costs to the end of the war had a market share of 69%.

3. Prior to the Second World War, the largest market for Coca-Cola was Germany. And, of course, big business does not care about all the moral values ​​and principles, when the war begins - the biggest market for waste not comme il faut. To "do not shoot" their ships and trains with Coke, who travel to Germany, Coca-Cola simply built on the territory of the Third Reich more of its factories - it's easier, cheaper, the market is saturated, and the public is silent.

By 1943, Germany has had problems with sugar (if it is mainly supplied from Latin America). To plants are not idle Technology has released a new drink, which required no sugar and extracts of fruit (apple cake) - named the drink Fanta.

4. But, again, it is only logical for Germany by 1943 the problems were not only sugar, but also to the labor force. And where many people sit around and do nothing? Dachau, Buchenwald, Chelmno, Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor ... Here there and took "labor" for making a refreshing beverage «Fanta».

5. At the end of the 90 Coca-Cola Company entered into with American schools, so-called "contract of soda." Make a deal with Coca-Cola, the school was deprived of the right to sell drinks. Moreover, the school could not sell anything without the approval of the company, which insisted that the machines received her and only her drinks. For this privilege of Coca-Cola was paying school 3 thousand dollars a year - about a dollar per student. For eight hours of school children do not have another source to quench your thirst but affably blinking machines Coke.

6. From 2001 to 2009, Coca-Cola has signed 85 contracts, product placement in movies. Most of its products on the screen appeared only Apple and Ford. Coca-Cola also appears in films aimed at children, "Harry Potter," the animated film "Madagascar", "Scooby-Doo," "Elf," "Enchanted».

7. How does the business model of the company Coca-Cola. Is Coca-Cola Enterprises (hereinafter CCE) - this is the main factory, where a secret formula made syrup concentrate which when mixed with water gives "the same taste." There bottlers - are factories that concentrate poured into bottles and engaged in its distribution. Between bottler CCE and there is almost no communication except a franchise: to buy the concentrate and pour it in the original bottle. The whole secret is, where bottlers take water to dilute the concentrate. Most often they do not bother too much and, for example, Coca-Cola plant in Novosibirsk people drink Coca-Cola with running water Novosibirsk water utility. It's simple! There are generally no secrets or special problems, if there is water.

8. What do you think you are drinking bottled under the label "Bon Aqua" or "Aqua Minerale"? Correctly. The answer in the paragraph above. There is also no secret - water filter bottle. And lawsuits excuses The Coca-Cola that they are really very cool filtered water and charge a fee for it, and so on.

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