Floating around in a sea dam to collect debris

A few months a huge floating 100-metre platform will be installed in the North sea, a few miles from the coast of the Netherlands, as a protective barrier for debris. The aim of the project is a global purification of the world's oceans from plastic waste. Floating around in a sea dam to collect debris can dramatically change the approaches to cleaning the world's oceans.

Plastic waste is a serious threat to marine animals that can choke on them or get sick as the result of exposure to hazardous substances. But most of the projects to clean up the oceans of garbage provide for the collection of plastic waste, special courts, in ways that can introduce unintended risk to the animal world of the ocean. A fundamentally new design of a protective dam, whose construction should be completed in the second quarter of 2016, will be used instead of the flow direction at one point a giant wave of garbage packets, bottles and other waste, at the same time, allowing the animals to freely pass through this barrier. In the basis of the proposed ideas is the method of passive and safe garbage collection.

"The main purpose of trials in the North sea will be study of the functioning of the dam in real sea conditions, paying particular attention to the study of waves and currents. The movement of the movable barrier and the system load will be monitored by cameras and sensors," — said in the press release engaged in the project Fund the Ocean Cleanup.

To this group of researchers from this Fund has already conducted experiments with a floating barrier on a small Dutch lakes, checking computer simulation techniques for scale models. But now floating dam for the first time will be tested in the open sea.

In the case of successful trials in the North sea, the Foundation plans to build a floating barrier for garbage collection is much larger, with a length of 100 kilometers in the North Pacific ocean in 2020. Dam V-shape is ideal for the accumulation of debris in a Central point from where the waste can be easily collected for subsequent disposal. published


Another project to save the ocean from trash "Trash to sea"

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