10 secrets on which science puzzles now

Science seeks to embrace and describe the whole world to make known the unknown and explain the inexplicable. We humans are very curious creatures, to sit still! Discovery scientists perpetrated with such frequency that seems to be in the world and has remained unsolved mysteries. But the universe is in no hurry to open all its secrets. Website offers you the ten puzzles have long occupied the minds of scientists from around the world.

Why is the visible matter more than antimatter h3> Most of the discussions going on around b-mesons, short-lived subatomic particles composed of a quark and an antiquark. B-meson decays slower than the collapse of the anti-B-mesons, and thus might appear a sufficient number of B-meson to form everything in the universe. We add that the existing B-, D- and K-mesons are subject to change and become antiparticles and particles turn into a re. According to one hypothesis, mesons, is likely to take its normal state, which is quite possible, as ordinary particles still more than antiparticles.


Where did Li of the universe h3> In the early universe, when the temperature was extremely high, isotopes of hydrogen, helium and lithium formed in large quantities, but in due course of isotopes lithium-7 was only a third. Various theories including hypothetical and based on the hypothetical boson called axions, trying to shed light on the cause of the change. Televisions and theories to explain the disappearance of lithium by the fact that he was absorbed in the nuclei of stars that can not be detected by modern telescopes. Whatever it was, a single, accurate version that explains this phenomenon does not exist yet.

Why do people dream h3> While we know that the human body is regulated by the so-called circadian clock - a biological tool responsible for sleep and wakefulness - the essence of this phenomenon is not explained. During sleep, the human body regenerates tissues, cells and many other processes. There are organisms that do not need sleep, so why is it necessary for people? Regarding this issue was made a few suggestions, but none of them is not exhaustive. While scientists do not know exactly why we sleep, but they have found out how much sleep is important for the body and how much influence on processes such as mental work and flexibility of thinking.

How does gravity h3> We all know that the gravity of the Moon causes tides, the Earth's gravity keeps us on the Earth's surface, the gravity of the sun keeps our planet in orbit, but how deep our understanding of these phenomena? This force affects the fact that large objects have the ability to attract smaller. Scientists do delve into the essence of the action of gravity, without having a sufficient explanation of why it exists. Why do atoms consist mostly of empty space? Why force that restrains the atoms together different from gravity? Will the gravity of some of the particles? Answers to these questions can not be obtained with the help of modern understanding of physics.


Where are all h3> The diameter of the observable universe is 92 billion light-years filled with billions of galaxies with stars and planets, however, there are visible signs of life only on Earth. Statistically, the chance that we are the only life form in the universe impossibly small, but why do we have hitherto no one contacted?

This puzzle is known as the Fermi Paradox. It was suggested that a number of explanations for this paradox, some of which are plausible. We can always talk about some possible scenarios: the missed signals about what they are here and we do not know about it, they can not or do not want to mess with us. Or - this is the most disappointing scenario - Earth really the only inhabited planet in the universe.

What is dark matter h3> About 80% of matter in the universe consists of dark matter. Dark matter - this kind of substance that did not emit electromagnetic radiation and does not interact with it. Despite the fact that the first theories about dark matter appeared about 70 years ago, direct evidence of its existence has been found. Many scientists believe that dark matter is formed of weakly interacting massive particles, which can be hundreds of times more massive than the proton, but their interaction can be easily detected by existing devices.

How life began h3> Proponents of the theory of "original soup" believe that the fertile early Earth formed their own ever-increasing complex molecules, which gave rise to life on Earth. This could happen on the ocean floor and in the craters of volcanoes and ice strata. Considering that DNA is the dominant basis of life on the planet, RNA could be one of the root causes of the origin of life on our planet. Other theories consider important aspect for nascent life electromagnetic and volcanic activity. Some believe pansermiyu, the hypothesis that life was brought to Earth by comets or meteorites in the form of microbes.


How is tectonic activity h3> The theory of lithospheric plates move, the continents and redistributing causing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, has spread recently.

Despite the fact that the first postulate in the early 1500 century, says that all of the current continents could be a single continent (which is not peculiar exaggeration, just look at the map of the world), this idea has not gained wide acceptance until the 1960s, when there was a reasonable physical evidence theory of seafloor spreading, according to which the blocks of the lithosphere oceanic crust apart and releases the space is filled with magma generated in the mantle.

Scientists are not sure what causes these changes and how to best define the boundaries of tectonic plates. There are countless different theories, but none of them fully explains all aspects of the tectonic activity.

How do animals migrate h3> Many kinds of animals and insects migrate throughout the year, escaping from seasonal changes in temperature and decrease of vital resources. Migration can take thousands of kilometers in one direction only, as the animals repeated the way there and back, year after year? Each type uses a variety of navigation tools, including those that allow the use of the Earth's magnetic field. The animals they serve as a kind of internal compass. Scientists still do not know how can be developed such as the ability of animals or from one year to determine the exact direction.

What is dark energy h3> Of all the unsolved mysteries of this is important. Dark matter, as discussed earlier, up to 80% of all matter in the observable universe, dark energy is a hypothetical form of energy, according to scientists, it can take up to 70% of the universe. It is called one of the reasons for the expansion of the universe, though it is at the moment no more than a theory. So far, we only know about it, that it has a low density, very evenly distributed, and presumably does not interact with ordinary matter through the known fundamental types of interaction.

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