15 photos of the wildlife of Russia, from which the heart stops

National Geographic in 2015, held a photo contest "Wild Russia 2015". Looking at these pictures, once again convinced that nature - the best painter. Special thanks to those masters who have seen this beauty and share it. < Website offers a stop for a minute and see how a drop reflects the whole world, and the beauty is at arm's length.

Thunderball h2> In the picture on the bubble cap mushroom, backlit lighting yielded this interesting effect.

Amigos h2> From the crater of an active volcano Klyuchevskoy emitted smoke, but even that did not stop a volcano dress up in elegant hat clouds.

Golden Rock River Blue h2> Blue River - River in Yakutia, the left tributary of the Lena. Over 100 km of the majestic cliffs form a figure most intricate shapes.

It seems that you can touch ... h2>

How ants drowned bath h2> Ants in the frame is not, apparently, they are now just soared. Vologda region, mushroom raincoat.

Have you seen pyatochku hedgehog? h2>

Light and Shadow h2> Near the Angara River.

Pasture for three h2> Yakutia.

Dance h2> North Caucasus.

Droplets motherland ... h2>

Black & White h2> Kamchatka volcano eruption Flat Tolbachik.

The unity of opposites h2> Caucasian Reserve.

Brotherly Love h2> Kuril Lake, Kronotsky Nature Reserve, Kamchatka.

The flight h2> Cockchafer climbed on the fungus to take off with him. In the evening at sunset.

At World h2> Murmansk region.

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