20 fun facts about the "Titanic"

The film "Titanic" was published eighteen years ago, but is still remembered vividly as yesterday: amazing scenery, amazing game more young Leo and luxurious Kate ... Website tells the fascinating facts about this film, captured the hearts of millions and exalted actors, starred, to the top of the Hollywood Hills.

1. «Titanic" - the only film by James Cameron, which is not used, and does not mention nuclear weapons.

2. Prior to the director settled on candidates Kate and Leo, as the lead actors Matthew McConaughey and considered Gwyneth Paltrow, as well as Christian Bale and Claire Danes.

3. On board the "Titanic" was really a man named J Dawson (his name was Joseph), he worked in the engine compartment and, unfortunately, died. Maybe it's just a beautiful legend, but the director says that he learned about it after being invented his Jack Dawson.

4. On the final day of filming tape in Nova Scotia (Canada) "jokers" spiked lunch crew drug PCP. 80 people were hospitalized with hallucinations.

5. There was an incident and severity. Kate Winslet is the only actor of the team was not wearing a wetsuit. Although water is heated (to use a large swimming pool), the actress was ill with severe pneumonia.

6. Actors playing workers of the engine compartment of the ship, no more than 150 cm tall. All to the room seemed more ambitious.

7. The first scene starring Winslet and DiCaprio together, was very frank - this is the moment where Rose is exposed and asks Jack to draw her. To avoid embarrassment, at their first meeting Kate just ... Leonardo showed his chest. And then not surprised!

8. The same pattern Jack found the plot at the bottom of the ocean, actually hand-painted by James Cameron. Directed by left-handed and right hand draws DiCaprio, so footage closeup had to flip.

9. Kate Winslet nude sketch of authorship Cameron sold in 2011 at auction for 16 thousand dollars.

10. Winslet hates the main song of the film «My Heart Will Go On». Yes, and "Titanic" as a whole is not very fond of. She believes that 18 years ago had a bad game and a lot of weight. Oh, these women, huh?

11. Initially, the author of the music for "Titanic" was supposed to be the Irish singer Enya. But she gave up the job and became a composer James Horner. As planned by the director of "Titanic" was not to be the songs, but Horner recorded trial «My Heart Will Go On» with Celine Dion secretly Cameron. And for good reason. "Titanic" became the first non-musical picture won an Oscar for Best Original Song.

12. The "Titanic" would appear Lindsay Lohan as a 7-year-old passenger Cora Cartmell. It almost was cast, but at the last moment Cameron decided that Lindsay redheads too, and viewers might mistake her for her cousin Rose.

13. In the famous scene where the heroes meet on the main staircase of the ship, a huge clock showed 2:20. This is the exact time at which the "Titanic" disappeared under the water April 15, 1912.

14. Another famous scene (when Jack shouts "I'm king of the world!", standing on the bow of the ship) was not originally in the script. This phrase gave DiCaprio, first rose on the nose "cine" Titanic, Cameron and liked it. So much so that he cried out, "I'm king of the world!" On the stage, when he received an Oscar statuette.

15. In 2012 came reissue of "Titanic" - the film was adapted for the format 3D. In addition, a picture made only one addition - change the location of stars in the sky at the time of the shipwreck. Astrophysicist Neil Tyson Degrassi years reproached the director of the omission in the form of irregular star map and now probably happy.

16. Do you know that "Titanic" is the sequel? The tape was released in 2010 and did not even show up in theaters because it is, excuse me, trash. The story is that 100 years after the sinking of the Titanic chic liner, called "Titanic 2" does not believe, faced with an iceberg and sinks.

17. to make a film about the Titanic proved more expensive to build than the ship itself. Film creators cost of $ 200 million, the construction of the liner - to $ 7.5 million ($ 150 million today, when adjusted for inflation).

18. Most of the cast of the film attended a lecture on proper manners, which were peculiar to people in the early 20th century. Cameron wanted to make it look authentic as possible. However, the heroine Winslet has not always been the ideal behavior ...

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