Turmoil in the hospital

Chief gynecologist swept the country in the hospital corridor, knocking off the road sluggishness childbirth.
 - The old woman, who looked dofiga years. Water seems to have moved, - reported festinating next assistant.
 - How long? - I asked the doctor on the run.

 - Judging by the stomach for five years. Just fucking belly! Itself does not say, matter only.
The doctor burst into the operating room. On the table lay a monstrously huge carcass and publish obscene word- and gazoizverzheniya. Woman belly taut and seemed to burst right now. Between the legs of the dense vegetation of bushes.

 - Nifiga yourself old! - Ohrenel doctor. - Why do not you shave?
 - Razor broken, sent for shears - said the assistant.
 - Will not wait, no. Caesarea dangerous - blow up, fuck, - assessed the situation gynecologist and jumped to the table.

 - Precious! - He yelled.
Mighty threw a bunch of two assistants to the wall and knocked the door of the operating room.
 - Yet! - I shouted the doctor, rubbing his eyes watered. Granny pull their socks up.
 - FER! - Emerged from bushes mighty someone ugly head.
 - Timothy! - Chorused physicians.

 - Huimoti! - I snapped the singer and snake wriggled out of the vagina. Although he got out of the pussy, he looked like from the ass. Behind him the light of day appeared Ksenia Sobchak and the King of glamor. Then portfolios towards freedom squeezed all the members of the government, followed by the pussy of skiing rolled president. Football League. And the whole football team. Then the participants flooded the "House of the two", "American Idol", "Stars on Ice", "Stars of the arena", "stars in the ring", "Stars of the zoo," and so the audience. Finally, the flow has dried up. Gynecologist cautiously approached mezhdunozhyu.
 - Hey, there's somebody ?! - I shouted the doctor into the bottomless darkness.
 - ... Somebody, anybody, anybody ... - echoed echoes.
 - Enibadihoum ?! - Assistant duplicated.
 - Home, home ... - agreed echo.

 - Like everything, - he said uncertainly assistant and wiped sweat from his forehead.
There was a groan. Shaggy's body turned over, why such a dangerous creaked.
 - Look, she came to her senses! - Said the midwife.
 - How are you feeling? - I asked the gynecologist patient.
 - Lousy - she moaned.
 - And what generally happens? - I got to question the assistant.
 - Yes, everything is as usual. Good wizard, bitch, drunk and watching TV - explained the old woman.
 - What?
 - Click on channels and sends everyone in the pussy to hell, - sobbed the woman.
 - And you with it ?!
 - And I that my grandmother is, - replied the monster, and wept.


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