Jessica Long, strong spirit

20-year-old American champion Paralympic sport, winner of 18 world records Jessica Long hails from Russia. Many years ago in the hospital Bratsk from her own mother refused. Jessica's mother Natalia Kirillova became the heroine of the talk show "Let Them TalkĀ».
Jessica Long - the real star of the sport. In London Paralympics she won 8 medals in swimming, including 5 gold and 2 silver, and set a new world record. Jessica multiple champion Paralympic Games, world championships, world record holder among athletes without legs. But Jessica Long Always remember that I was born in Russia and at birth she was named Tatiana. Her mother was only 16 years old when the girl was born. Baby born with no small tibia and foot bones of many. And my mother left the child in the hospital.
At the age of 13 months to adopt her American family from Baltimore - Bette mom and dad Steve. They gave their daughter a new name - Jessica Long. In the year and a half her both legs amputated below the knee. She learned to walk with a prosthesis. At nine years old she began to swim. Became involved in sports and achieved great success.

Jessica Russian mom

strong-willed girl!

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