Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson - a controversial figure. Do not rebel and violator of the law, it is cute and sweet, it is, nevertheless, it causes more irritation than sympathy. However, this makes the world even more great interest to watch her life, the good of Jessica does not hide it. Began his career as a reality TV star, she quickly learned the lesson that the star is best to attract as much attention and show the secrets better than to hide.

During his brilliant career is not very much changed Jessica - let's take a look and compare, for better or for worse.

Jessica and Nick Lachey, with whom they spent their honeymoon before the cameras MTV, were primarily public persona. The relationship with Eric Johnson proceed much more private, romantic dinners and secluded walks.

Early in his career, Jessica has been very slim, and now acquired a more feminine forms.

The choice of clothes for the red carpet Jessica could be wrong, but the launch of her own line of clothes proved a win-win progress and earned her millions. According to her, she did not expect such success.

Something that remains there unchanged: Jessica likes a drink. What's in his early youth in the company of friends, that now - with Eric.

And at the very beginning of his career, and now Jessica is inseparable from his father: and no wonder, because it is her manager.

Jessica Stage costumes were and are very ... um ... interesting.

Jessica and Ashley: pictured left - in 2004, Jessica popular Ashley begins her career in the shadows. In the photo on the right - nowadays: Ashley has become a star, but Jessica ... I think it is now more designer than a singer.

Old love does not rust? Left - Jesse and Nick still together, but the kiss them looks more friendly. Right - now they are just friends, but their arms are like the arms of lovers!

Best Friends: Jessica during her marriage is most commonly seen with Casey Cobb. After the divorce, Jessica has found a new barber - and best friend - Ken Peyvsa.

Relax with a favorite: Left Jessica on holiday with Nick, right - with Eric. Hmm, changes for the better, in my opinion!

Take a bite of the Big Apple: Five years ago, Jessica has yet tried to conquer New York. Now she is confident owner of a popular brand of clothing - a good piece of apple pie!

Jessica LAX airport six years ago and now over the years she learned to definitely be ready for the cameras of the paparazzi!

Over the years for the publication of Jessica changed her image of a young girl in the image of an elegant lady. Changes for the better!

Before walking down the street, Jessica reminded provincial simpleton, now in its one hundred meters can feel confident lady.

And finally - Jessica on the red carpet Oscar left - in 2005, right - in 2010. Still, it is not bad taste: a timeless classic.


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