Scarlett Johansson

Some people like Scarlett Johansson and others - can not stand, but it's hard to argue with the fact that now it is one of the most popular actresses of our time. Her great work out as role playing genre, and deep psychological studies. Whatever you say about blondes with plump lips, this girl is and brains, talent and charisma.

Role in "The Horse Whisperer" was the breakthrough for Scarlett.

Sixteen year old star of "Ghost World" hit the world with its sensual beauty.

It seems tired jokes about blondes Scarlett, and she decided to try a new image.

Apparently, after watching for the "Lost in Translation" Tokyo Fashion, Scarlett decided to add the avant-garde in his image.

Since all Scarlett compared with Marilyn Monroe, then why not try to strengthen the resemblance?

Red lipstick and lip luxury Scarlett just made for each other.

Platinum hair - too interesting, but golden blond is her more, do not you?

For a role in "Iron Man 2" Scarlett was again brown-haired woman.

According to Scarlett, "Best in hair color - is that it is temporary!»

And the truth is temporary - and play with it very well, Scarlett!

And again - blonde, and again - the abundance of hair. Looks great.

To advertise perfume Dolce & Gabbana Scarlett tried on image soft candy sweet young lady.

But so much stricter, but no less attractive.


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