Calm Reynolds

Devoting a lot of blog love for Hollywood divas, I thought that is not good for so long ignored the male half selebretis. And according to this, I suggest you (and us) to inquire, how it fared on the love front ... say Ryan Reynolds.

He is now for all the tabloids attractive person, in particular because of the summer affair with Charlize Theron and ambiguities in the relationship with his ex-wife - Scarlett Johansson. And who came before them?

Canadian privacy handsome by the standards of Hollywood, I would call even a little boring or something. Despite the fact that it was his last year announced the most krasivymmuzhchinoy planety_2010 (according to People). Although he is very unusual commented Ryan is a manifestation of the universal recognition:

& Quot; ... I think commenting on this issue, most of all I'm afraid seem complete nonentity. If you perceive like seriously, you should euthanized as soon as possible ... & quot;

Hmmm ... the humor in these kind of comedians. Oh well. So, the personal. By the age of 35 at Reynolds was only three major novels, one of which ended in marriage.

Rachel. A native of Canada, Ryan Reynolds, even after moving to Hollywood, hot babes prefer Los Angeles girls from northern locations. Charming actress from Minnesota Rachael Leigh Cook began his first serious hobby.

Details of this novel an enigma. We only know that the pair were dating for about a year, and in 2002, the path-track fled. Rachel was in his arms, and soon went down the aisle with as Canadians and also a hero comics - actor Daniel Gillies

And Ryan in the same year became friends with Canadian rock singer Alanis Morissette

Alanis. This woman was the first to seriously excited heart Ryan. It did not take much time, in order to realize that it is with Alanis he wants to start a family, have children. However, bold and, at that time at the peak of popularity Morissette, was in no hurry to be bound by ties, and even more, to become a housewife.

In 2004, Alanis briefly passed the position - the couple announced their engagement.

However, relations have remained at this stage, and in 2007 went wrong at all.

But Ryan and Alanis continue warmly about each other to this day. Even despite the fact that only two months after breaking 5-year relationship Ryan had already started new - on the horizon appeared a young and romantic Scarlett Johansson.

Scarlett. In contrast to past relationships, these "engine" was not Ryan. The novel develops more rapidly than is largely due to the impulsive nature of Scarlett. A month later they were living together, and six months later announced their engagement.

Wedding itself was not, the couple were married in a small town near Vancouver (Canada).

After spending two years perfect pair for others, the couple announced their divorce. The initiator of parting has also Scarlett.

Rumor has it that the couple did not have group activities (which in general is very predictable with such popularity that).

On his marital experience Ryan said:

"I think I got a little more careful. My concern is that our relations are gradually turning into a soap opera. »

And "soap" still followed, when it officially ex-wife this summer Johansson learned about Ryan's affair with the beautiful Charlize Theron. Rumor has it she was seriously alarmed that Charlize seriously affect the heart passionate Reynolds.

However, her fears proved groundless.

Charlize. In relations with the good girl Charlize Ryan finally tried on a more familiar role for Hollywood Krasavchikov Lovelace.

They did not appear together in public, and soon Ryan and all said that their relationship - a fleeting affair. However, the lady in their true intentions, he forgot to dedicate, because of what Charlize and to this day remains depressed.

Sandra. The only woman who lingered for a long time in the life of Ryan, was a long-standing friend and "only one" Sandra Bullock. However, in the tabloids refused to believe their friendship has not once.

At first they were called after the premiere of a pair of "Proposals».

In 2010, both through a divorce - and the tabloids again for her.

Ryan insists that is only a friend of the family and helps to survive this difficult period, Sandra and her little son Louis.

For example, arranging forays into nature.

Sandra or dragging a new project - it will become a co-producer of the animated sitcom Reynolddsa.

And spending time sovmesno shopping or Sandra's home.

Tabloids again and again taken to assert that Ryan the most that neither is a serious intentions with regards to Sandra Bullock. At the same time, and Scarlett Johansson does not cease to show interest in the ex-spouse.

But despite the violent passions around his persona, he is in no hurry to do Ryan's official statements. He is calm and judicious, and the storm situation on the personal front - so thank you, not for him.



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