Jessica Simpson

In the next nine months Jessica Simpson just do not lose weight - the former pop star and now a public personality has announced her pregnancy. 32-year-old singer has made it the original way - published in the Twitter photo of her daughter Maxwell, sitting on the sand, which inferred «Big Sis». By simple deductive reasoning we can conclude that the rumors of pregnancy Simpson still true (many did not believe her, since about the first pregnancy Jess drove a long press of the nose).

That is the picture
Simpson and her husband, football player Eric Johnson - a Stakhanovite in terms of production plump bebikov. After all, it's only been seven months since the baby was born Maxwell Drew. We can only be happy for her - because music career does not revive, and bored with her two children do not have to.

Jessica and her husband, the winter will be troublesome
2012 for Simpson was eventful. First, she became a mother. Secondly, she lost weight by almost 30 kg, becoming the representative of the weight loss program Weight Watchers. Third, it has experienced an unpleasant situation in the family - her parents divorced after 30 years of marriage because the father of Jessica, as it turned out, cheated on her mother with the young guys.


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