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After the divorce of Ashlee Simpson briefly mourned, because after only a few months to replace the Crown of the musician Pete came actor Vincent Piazza. I always thought that the couple Ashlee and Pete - but for centuries, but it was not as I thought. It is very good that this union was born kucheryashka Bronx, because there was such a beautiful couple and beautiful love story. Today, Ashley 26, but I would not have given her so much because It looks great, and youthful enthusiasm has not gone anywhere. But the fact that she is prettier ... yes, it's true. Previously, everyone thought that the sister Ashlee, Jessica is much prettier and more interesting appearance, but after a few plastic surgery Ashley became a beauty. Simpson's younger regularly shares with his fans with new personal photos, laying out the most interesting in twitter. Here and photos without make-up Nicole Richie and photo with the little son Bronx, and the ex-husband and, of course, always cheeful Ashley.

"I've always been a rocker, from the time I was a little. I trudged on Green Day. I always liked it, and it was interesting. I also sang in pankgruppe, but we broke up »

"When I was 11, I wanted to be Alanis Morissette, even I can describe to you! Now I write songs myself, and it's - rock. It's cool! »

"I always loved rock. I went to school for dancers with orange hair. I've always been a »

"We all have one life, why not change your hair every two months?»

"I would sing behind closed doors. Jessica was so good that next to her, I was embarrassed of his voice. But now I do not hide my singing - will be enough. I sing punk music. I love to race around yelling, rip and play guitar »

"Many say that Jessica is a role model. Yes, I agree, she is the best! But this is too much for me to meet her »

"A perfect day - a lying, surrounded by family watching football matches»


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