Pants with a high waist

This thing is not going out of fashion for several years. It is difficult to explain why the pants with a high waist are popular for several years. Especially if you consider the fact that they are very few people go. The wrong trousers and all - down the drain. They will gather unpleasant folds where there is no need to stick out and, mainly, to emphasize all the imperfections of the figure. And even with all that, I would not hurry to put them on the cross. Selected on the figure, if necessary, supplemented by accessories, pants with a high waist will work for your figure and will provide you not only underlined the light in the right proportions, but also visually elongated, slender silhouette.

Turn for inspiration to the masters of the fashion industry and the spring hits.

Dries Van Noten

Jason Wu

Marc Jacobs

Monique Lhuillier

Yves Saint Laurent

As can be seen from the spring shows, images with high-waisted trousers with designers come elevated and elegant. This does not mean that it is necessary to rush into the pool with his head, and ran to repeat what you have seen on the catwalk.

Before you buy pants with a high waist pereprobuyte all possible options. It is important that your image was close to the style of Katharine Hepburn, not Jessica Simpson.

Wear pants with a high waist with high heels or platform. It is important. The legs must not drag on the ground! Colorfully illustrated this rule Mischa Barton.

In the groin area should not obscure form folds and bumps. Again, Michael with his Faile.

The key to successful look'u simplicity. The smaller accessories, the better. Sometimes it's better to go without them, not to look ridiculous. Alicia Keys apparently did not know that. Braces are, well, quite useless. Generally, this autfite error on error: the pants are not on the figure, so legs look like they sad sausages, leg length deforms the shape of feet, and no shoes here.

"Varenko" in the case of jeans with high tackles - a failure. You should not take an example from Kelis. Keep it simple.

If you have low growth, it is better not to risk it, not to get exactly like Jessica Simpson. The only exception - thinness, it compensates for the increase. Especially if you will be high shoes.

What can save the situation and turn the pants pants mamuliny? All of the above rules. Everything else, pay attention to the color of your pants, it also plays a big role. The top should always be simple and minimalist. A good example in this case - Chloe Sevigny. She wore jeans and a vintage T-shirt with stripes.

Another good option at the Ashlee Simpson, who went the other way, in contrast to her sister. All pick the right length, shoes, a very simple top.

In my opinion, the most successful autfit at Dian Kruger. Perfect and simple. Above all praise. How did she do it? She has an amazing figure, due to which she can not afford anything, not just high-waisted pants and top, denudative stomach. Wear this dress on someone else and you'll see what I mean.

And three fairly good image are matched correctly.

Venus Williams, Kim Kardashian, Chloe Sevigny

Enjoy the shopping! And do not forget that it is better to abandon the trend of thing that you do not paint and buy something else, even if it is a classic, does not make you the laughing stock of ridiculous.


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