How can harm "Classmates"?

More winter on the internet to a wave of rumors that the authorities allegedly banned its employees to use social network "Classmates" - and it seems to be true, because the occupancy publicly available information about that "I work a scout," is a sign of sheer professional incompetence. If a person does not understand the meaning of his profession, if he goes to special services for the "cool ksivy" and other boast - this should be swept up as soon as possible.

However, all this theory, but I'll tell you about how popular the site it hurts you.

Two documentary history.

One of my old friend working as a sales manager - a very popular position in recent years, nothing supernatural. And in her company decided to hire a man - a young IT specialist (computer specialist - roughly speaking) to work with a twinkle. He came to the interview cultural young man in a suit, generally does not cause any rejection - as well as anyone who is looking for work and eager to please a potential employer. He leaves home, and the next day he otazyvayut employment. Why? Because HR staff took the trouble to "break through" the man through the "Odnoklassniki". We examined the photographs, analyzed the "friends" and came to the conclusion that people in life - real punk: zagulny, thumps, and with a bunch of fellow outcasts-parasites. That is, the company simply decided not to risk it - do not mess with a man who once could not go to work from the booze.

The second story.
A friend of mine - the head of the branch of a large wholesale company - use a social network, working with potential buyers. He knows, for example, that he would "zakoreshitsya business" with some store manager, who should ideally buy a large consignment. Opens my friend "Classmates" and looks for a director and a half-hour of his studies, and his circle of communication - and then do not need to be an academician from psychiatry to understand what kind of person in front of you. You look at his friends - and concludes, as it is best to roll: with expensive drinks or more with any gift, was "accidentally" in the subject.

Here are two specific cases when the information posted by you on public resources, is working against you. From this we can draw two conclusions: either delete your page, or to build its image in the "Classmates" in a way that he played in your favor. In the second case, it is actually a question of creating a virtual human legends - mythical circle of friends, who will enter into a complete misconception of who you are interested in.

It will take some time, but if your goal is, for example, advantageous employment, it makes sense to try. I think that there exists a job for a kind of virtual image of the laboratories: if a person takes a position, say, with a salary of 5000 uev month, he'll be imprinted in the interiors of fashionable, expensive restaurant and not at the picnic 6 ti acres with plastic flasks cheap beer in his hand. You understand, right?

And a couple of words for those who met through the site. Here are just veracity of photographs, their diversity helps you better understand the potential partners. See, for example, on the selection of photos of a young girl and her friends - and there is solid lecherous parties, buhie papiki and secured skirt, well, concludes a lifestyle leads this young man.

So think about your goals before you place the information about yourself.


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