Your path is your life and health? Now get rid of these products!

Our homes are full of stuff that we did not even use. Most of the these things dangerous for humans includes toxic substances that can greatly harm your health. To help you clean the house from harmful products and materials, we have compiled a list of things that should immediately throw away from your house.


Vinyl or PVC is banned in 14 countries and the European Union. The structure of this material includes hazardous to your health phthalates and lead. PVC can be checked for the presence of the smell of these substances. For example, printing a new shower curtain, smell it. If it contains harmful substances, it will have a very unpleasant specific smell.


Synthetic fragrances are present in air fresheners, perfumes and cosmetics, can trigger asthma. Though most recipes spirits kept secret, all part of the diethyl phthalate, which is absorbed into our skin and harmful to our health.


On the dangers of pesticides has a lot written and said. These substances are highly toxic, because they kill pests and therefore, may greatly harm humans.


We are trying to remove the dirt from the stove, the floor and the toilet with the help of cleaning agents, but do not understand that the more they get dirty even more harmful and aggressive chemicals. Most cleaning products could harm your skin and eyes.


Stop eating them! Most cans produced from Bisphenol-A, which can lead to heart disease, obesity, depression, and even cancer.


The composition of some cosmetics include lead, which could harm women, especially if they are in position.

Non-stick cookware

Throw it with his kitchen immediately. Substances that are a part of non-stick coatings can lead to infertility or even cause cancer.

The water in plastic bottles

In a world of millions of liters of drinking water from plastic containers weekly. People use it, thinking that there is no microbes that may be in tap water. But contact with the plastic, the water becomes dangerous to your health.


This antibacterial agent is included in the composition of soap, toothpaste, deodorants, and so on. D. But it can not only be beneficial. Studies show that it is able to cause harm to the immune system and lead to the development of allergies.

Oil paint

The oil paint is more than 300 toxic chemicals. Replace them with water-based paints.

If you berezhesh their lives and their health - to get rid of these products, because their use could harm you and threaten your life.

And be sure to tell your friends about it!

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