She was fat and her classmates teased ... When they met in 8 years - it happened!

Louise Manning studies in Oxford, loves origami, rowing and logic games. It is a typical student who diligently studying, playing sports and spending time with her friends. However, her past was not as rosy as she used to suffer from excess weight. As a child, Louise often teased.

When she was 12, her classmates did not give passage to their bullying, since she was a little better than the rest. It was called "fatso" and "beast». B>

As a result of over 3 years Luisa ate very little, skipping meals, and her self-esteem dropped to zero. Every day was a real torture for her. The girl started to have problems with digestion, and it is often absent from school.

Still, Louise did not give up. She decided to arrange your diet and start eating healthy food on a regular basis. The girl wanted to get rid of the terrible past of the school. After 8 years she succeeded Louise turned into a slender attractive girl. She wanted her former classmates have learned that it is no longer "the fat lady». B>

And that she was able to. At one university parties Louise ran into a classmate, who was one of those who teased her at school the most. Naturally, the guy was taken aback by how much has changed Louise.

Their meeting ended with a short talk, but in the evening she received an unexpected message in «Facebook» with the offer to go on a date. Louise did not believe my eyes, and was furious. «So, now that I've lost weight, I'm good enough for you?» i> - she thought. «But did not you call me ugly in school?» i>

At first, she wanted to give up the meeting, but soon she had a plan, and she decided to accept. «At this time you are not so easy to leave», i> - Louise thought. She called her friend, and together they all thought out.

She offered to meet a former classmate at the restaurant, but came in advance to ask the waiter about the service. He had to give the guy a photograph and a letter. It was everything that the guy was from her that evening.

The photo was 12-year-old Louise, who suffered so much humiliation from classmates and within 3 years had often miss school. On the back of the picture was the letter:

«Hey, XXX, i>

I'm sorry that I could not reach you today the company! Do you remember what it was 8 years ago when I was fat, but you teased me because of my weight? No? And I remember. Then I eat in a day not more than one apple, and it lasted for 3 years. Dinners I also missed. I>

Do you remember how you amused my eyebrows? My hairy legs that looked disgusting to you? Do you remember how you and your friends for 3 years called me "monster"? Probably not. Or at least you did not think that after 8 years I'll look attractive enough so that you can treat me like a normal person? I>

I wanted to send it to you as a reminder. Now, thinking about me, imagine a girl with this picture, in fact it did not come to you on a date. I>

Louise ». i>

Finally, the girl managed to somehow repay the one who caused her so much pain. I think this little revenge brought her a lot of fun. Just imagine the guy's face when he found this letter! This will serve as a great lesson to him.

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