An amazing story about a boy Leve

The story is worth knowing for all of us.

In one Moscow school stopped going to school the boy. A week does not go, two... Phone Lev was not, and classmates, on the advice of the teacher, decided to go to his house. The door was opened by Levin's mother. Her face was very sad.

The guys said Hello and asked timidly: "Why not left to go to school?" Mom sadly said, "He will no longer study with you. He had the operation. Failed. Loew is blind and he can not walk..."

The parents of Lev Pontryagin — Semyon Akimovich, and Tatiana Andreevna Pontryagina


Little Lev Pontryagin


The guys paused, looked at each other and then one of them suggested:
— And we take turns in school led will.
And go home to accompany.
And lessons will help you to do — interrupting each other, started chattering classmates.

Mom's eyes filled with tears. She spent the friends in the room. A little later, feeling the way hand, they went left with a blindfold. The guys froze. Only now they truly understood, what a misfortune has happened to their friend.

Leva with difficulty said:

And then from all sides fell down:
— Tomorrow I'll pick you up and am in school.
And I'll tell you what we learned in algebra.
— And I in history.

On the mathematical Olympiad. Left: S. V. Yablonsky, L. A. Lusternik, V. G. boltyansky; right L. S. Pontryagin


Leva didn't know who to listen to, and only distractedly nodded. The mother's face a hail of tears.

After leaving the guys made a plan — when someone comes in, who explains what items, who will walk on the Left and drive it to school.

In school the boy who was sitting on the Left at the same Desk, quietly told him during the lesson what the teacher writes on the Board.

But as froze, when Loew was the answer! All rejoiced its five, even more than his! Studied Leva fine. Better to learn was and the whole class.

To explain a lesson to a friend in distress, you need to know it. And the guys tried. Moreover, in the winter they began to drive Levu to the rink. The boy was very fond of classical music, and classmates took him to Symphony concerts...

Lefshets S. A. and L. S. Pontryagin at the mathematics Congress in Edinburgh. 1958


School Loew graduated with a gold medal, then entered the Institute. And there were friends that were his eyes. After Institute Lev continued to study and, eventually, became a world famous mathematician, academician Pontryagin. Do not count of people seeing for good.

Lev Semenovich Pontryagin at work. 1960-ies.


Lev Semenovich Pontryagin (1908-1988) — Soviet mathematician, one of the greatest mathematicians of the XX century, academician of the USSR, who lost in 14 years vision. He made significant contributions to algebraic and differential topology, theory of oscillations, variational calculus, control theory. In control theory, Pontryagin — Creator of the mathematical theory of optimal processes, which is based on the so-called Pontryagin maximum principle; fundamental results on differential games. School Pontryagin had a great influence on the development of control theory and calculus of variations worldwide.

A group of academics on the day of graduation and the stars of Hero of Socialist Labor. In the center of L. S. Pontryagin and M. V. Keldysh. The Kremlin, Moscow, 1969


During the presentation of the doctoral diploma at Salford University. England, 1977


At the cottage with his wife Alexandra. 1970-ies.


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On the day of the 75th anniversary of Lev Semenovich Pontryagin. Left to right: S. M. Nikol'skii, Yu. V. Prokhorov, L. S. Pontryagin, V. A. Melnikov, A. N. Tikhonov, S. P. Novikov, G. I. Marchuk




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