10 types of toxic people that it is better to stop communicating in the New year

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When you say goodbye to 2014, think how much easier could your life be if you refused to communicate with people who drag you down.

Here are 10 types of people.

  • The people who make your life more stressful
Stress is not always bad. It is a necessary part of our lives. Nevertheless, you must strive to ensure that the stress in your life has happened because of unpleasant situations, but not for unpleasant people.

In life there are people who tell you only about their problems. There are people who constantly spoil your mood with his whining. There are people who convince you that nothing will happen. There are people who do not motivate you, and the opposite pull down.

Life is full of stress, without this in any way. But don't need it regularly became your "friends". Which are really just energy vampires.

  • People who use you
Real friends — those on whom you can rely on? No doubt. But there is a category of people who communicates with someone only to constantly ask him about services. No service requirements no companionship.

Sometimes among our friends are people who ask us about the services the time — to the detriment of our own interests. And if we refuse, they get offended and we feel guilty. We call these people "parasites".

Let them have no place in your life in 2015.

  • People who don't respect you
Each respecting the other people the man deserves respect for the response. If you feel that you communicate with a person who shows his disrespect to you (always looking for an excuse to banter, for example), do not communicate with him. Appreciate your time and attention.

And another thing: if you will tolerate the condescending attitude to yourself, sooner or later it will become part of your life. And the negative impact on your self-esteem.

  • People who always manage to hurt you
Sometimes people do stupid things. And they can forgive people who are a part of your life. But some people make you angry and sad on a regular basis but give you nothing in return. Get rid of them!

Don't let other people use you instead of a punching bag.

  • People who can't stop lying to you
All lies. In fact, if you meet a new person, you can be sure that in the first few minutes of live conversation, he will cheat you at least a few times. A big part of the lie is harmless, but if you catch close people cheating constantly, and they do not expect to change, then maybe it is time to reconsider your relationship with them.

Fill your life with people you trust. And it will be much better.

  • People who smile at you in the eye, but when you insult others
This scum and cowards who don't have the courage to give you my opinion in person. These people can pretend to be your friends, to spend time with you. But if you have at least once caught one of them on what he's talking about you, break ties with such a person.

These people can ruin your reputation, although they may seem harmless. Only idiots will chat in the new year with people whispering behind you.

  • People who are always concerned about themselves and not about you
Each of us are a lot of people that come always as convenient to them. These "pseudo-friends" — people that are usually fun to hang out with. They often ask for your help on petty issues. But as soon as you will need their help, they miraculously find time for you. And it will always occur.

These people are particularly "bad" for you because they give you the illusion that they're your friends. You think you can rely on their support when they themselves con the shoulder. But when a similar situation happens to you, they will let you fall to the ground.

  • The people who pull you back to the old way of life
Life is interesting and fascinating process. But it ceases to be so if you do day to day just what was done in the past — of habit. And then one day you decide to completely change your life — quit drinking, Smoking, or drugs. I have friends that are only "for" but will constantly pull you into a past life. You really decided to change? Edit — at least temporarily — and your social circle.

Life brings satisfaction and happiness only when we are constantly moving forward, constantly improving yourself and your environment, attain something new.

You should break up with people who pull you back and hinder your progress.

  • The people with whom you are friends only because you are "the first class together"
Not all your friends need to be with you for life. When people's interests change as they get older — this is normal. Accept one simple truth: sometimes simply to congratulate on the phone old friend, once a former friend, happy birthday is much more appropriate than to come to his Sabantuy, where everything is foreign to you.

We all change with age. Our hopes and goals change too. So our relationships tend to "obsolete".

  • People who just take up your personal space
Everything in life is limited. Resources are limited. The time is limited. The number of places is limited. The number of things that you can do, is also limited. We'll never be able to do all that we would like.

That's why you have to be careful not only with what you want to do, but with those with whom you are going to do it. You can maintain strong relationships with a limited circle of people — you will have no energy and time to meet regularly, for example, with hundreds of people. So you have to make a choice and concentrate.

If you fill the lives of people who don't inspire you, it is unlikely to be able to live a full life. Eliminate from your life people who don't bring you no moral, spiritual or motivational value.

Source: lifter.com.ua/10-types-toxic-people/


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