And women more than anything want to be loved...

Recently turned three years was not John khmelevskiy.

I haven't read any of her work. And here it wanted to again feel the irony, sometimes even the sarcasm of her words. And the most important thing, in my opinion, her words always gets to the point.


Again opened her book, "Against women". And not went. Here are the lines that forced to smile and nod his head, agreeing with the author.

"Nonsense male.

War General massacre and private.

Who pulls a stick from the fence, grabs a kitchen knife and smashes each other in the head at weddings? Women?

Who jump gets involved in a fight, not seeing who was with whom, why and in what's the matter? Women?

Who automatically kicks everything that comes under the feet, especially if it's a ball? Women?

The fact that women often have on my feet are white studs, brand new patent leather shoes or open sandals and nail Polish in the bargain, we'll leave without attention.

Someone with enthusiasm, worthy the best application, trained the army, rushing to attack the enemy, stormed the fortress and set fire to the wicks? Women?

Someone in that whatever was, trying to erase the enemy into a powder and starts an all-out war? Women?"


But chmielewska would change himself, if not poironizirovat over us women.

Here we read:

"So just, for example, imagine an old-fashioned battle women. Only women, exclusively women, hot horse, armed with swords, chain mail and armor, two enemy army advancing on each other.

Firstly, give out a shriek, causing the horses immediately suffer.

Secondly, the weapons and armor weigh a lot, and where to rack up as many battle-Bab?..

Third, in the heat of battle would quickly woke up, natural instincts and, abandoning their heavy weapons, all would-be host began to scratch, bite and pull opponent's hair, which is natural for women a way of demonstrating a hostile attitude, death is encoded in them over the past Millennium.

Well, imagine further..."


The author describes further, it is better to read the book. Battle of the Amazons impressive.

And at the end of this description:

"Well, well, well, nothing to shout, I agree, the Amazon. Although they are generally preferred

peel of arrows from a safe distance, but in close combat, were cut well.

So OK, let the knight to be some kind of Hippolytus.

Steel biceps, one breast cut off... the enemy army. so, maybe I can handle this,

but who does it love?!

And women more than anything want to be loved..."


And we have nothing to say writer. Indeed, women more than anything want to be loved...published


Author: SanSanna


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