Not all is what it seems

Went two angels walk the Earth. One evening, when it became dark, they came to a rich house and decided to ask the overnight. The owner was rich, but stingy and inhospitable.

He put angels in the house, and allowed them to spend the night in a dilapidated outbuilding on a pile of straw. In the annexe it was cold and damp, but despite this, young angel immediately fell asleep.

In the night he suddenly woke up from a strange noise, looked around and saw his older friend hard patch a large hole in the wall.

Young angel was surprised, but all his inquiries and offers to stop working and rest before going on, the old angel was stubbornly silent and continued to work.

When in the morning, we said goodbye to our host, they set off, young again, began with questions:

I never understood why you helped the owner, despite the fact that he was even in the house is not allowed?

But in response I heard only one sentence: "Not all is what it seems".

The next day at sunset they came to the house of a poor man and asked for shelter. The owner invited them into the house, sat at the table, apologizing for his meager dinner, and then put to sleep on the only bed of the house. The master and mistress settled down for the night in the barn.

The next morning, the angels woke up from crying Housewives and lamentations of the host. It turned out that in the morning he has died their cow, which was the only breadwinner of the family.

Young angel took the old aside and asked:

– Last night you worked tirelessly to help the avaricious rich man, so can't you help these good people, who shared with us last piece of bread and laid in your bed?

But the answer was only: "Not everything is what it seems!"


The parable about the depressionJust read...

All day young angel had to calm down and when he third time began to blame the old, he replied:

– When was the last night we slept in the Annex, I noticed in the dilapidated wall, the treasure, and that the owner did not found it, I bricked up the hole. And in the house of a poor night for the mistress came to die, but I traded her life for the cows.

Not all is what it seems!published




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