Woman killed their counterparts with classmates

A terrible, terrible story. I can not believe that such things are happening very close ...
Read. And be careful.

46-year-old Julia Pecheneva came up with the perfect murder scheme, choosing a victim of single women like two drops of water similar to it.
A month ago, Odintsovo shocked terrible news. Young family, barely having driven in just bought an apartment in the neighborhood Oaks, discovered on the balcony of a terrible discovery: cut into several parts of the human body. - Here and start the puzzle - tell operatives to reveal the perfect murder. - The identity of the victim established. She was the mistress of housing. But new tenants eagerly urged: literally the day before they were talking with a cute smiling women selling their apartment! Checked all the documents, interviewed neighbors - all agree: this 46-year-old Svetlana Sokolova, the owner of the apartment. She sold it a few days ago, she said goodbye to the eve of the new owners, gave them the keys ... - As her body was on the balcony, it was quite incomprehensible! - Tell the police. It was the time to start believing in poltergeist!

Everything was much simpler. Killer constantly sought in social networks of people like yourself. Mostly in "Classmates" and "OpenID". Looking for people with no friends and relatives. Then she rubbed the victims of the trust, to kill them, to sell the apartment and took loans on the passport of the victims.

Last Victim - Svetlana Sokolova. Svetlana met a murderer on the website "Odnoklassniki.ru". There she realized that Svetlana alone. Found a common interest - the dog.
At the meeting, Svetlana was killed, and on its behalf (they were very similar) killer sold the apartment. But she was not lucky, she could hide the body.

The worst thing that killed profile Svetlana Sokolova and remained hanging on classmates. Come on odnoklassniki.ru, enter a search Svetlana Sokolova, 46, Moscow. It's there first in the search results (learn from photographs). Last visit: 23.11.2008 21: 17 ...

This is a killer - Julia Pecheneva


Victim - Svetlana Sokolova




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