Medical error

In January, the A. came the climax. At first no major issues this event has brought. Was the notorious tides, sweating, palpitations, headaches. Just stopped menstruating and all: Hello, old age, I'm yours!

To the doctor Antonovna did not go, and so did a lot of reading and knew what was happening. Yes, and the girlfriend about herself often talked and shared experiences. You said Antonovna, was lucky. This is necessary, so the climax is transferred! As jinxed friend.

Steel soon to happen with Antonovna strange things. It is understood that this is hormonal changes in the body that do not go unnoticed. Hence, perhaps, and irrational mood swings, and dizziness, and weakness. Harder became the A. to bend to her granddaughter Lisa, lost appetite, back ache became something new. In the morning, often become swollen face, and in the evenings.

Some time at his ailments Antonovna special attention is not paid. The first alarm sister-in-law: what you, mom, Kweli became pale. Go to the doctor, get an ultrasound, do not delay, since such cases were not kidding!

Antonovna was silent. Doubt that something is amiss, and have long since settled in her soul. And then there was the sore Boobs, well, just burn, not to touch. The lower abdomen pull, sleep does not. Often sleepless nights under jigger's snoring noise her husband, A. lay on her back, staring at the ceiling and cried silently, thinking about the future and remembering the past.

Well, we didn't want her to die! After all, only fifty-two more, before retirement is not even reached. Husband and the country began to look, decided on nature more to be. Sons are wonderful, good work. Daughter-in-law with respect, not talking back, help grey shaded, suggest what clothes to buy to hide the fullness.

The only granddaughter, Lisa, just a Golden girl, not to get enough of. Figure skating has been in first grade in the fall will go. Draws well, already knows how to knit his grandmother taught him. How quickly life flew by!

A. it seems that not lived at all. Here the youngest son just got married, more children did not wait for him, and there is a disease, damn it! A. wiped the hot tears with the edge of the duvet cover, and they flowed and flowed down her cheeks. The eyes had formed dark circles, face was dark, haggard.

Somehow I survived Antonovna spring and summer, and by fall quite she became ill. Shortness of breath, back pain is terrible, almost not letting go, stomach ache unbearably. Decided to finally the official website to make an appointment to see the doctor and tell about their suffering husband.

In female consultation Antonovna was accompanied by almost the whole family. Husband, Andrei Brezhnev with the eldest son stayed in the car, and both daughters-in-law was expecting her in the hallway. With difficulty I climbed to the observation chair and blushing from embarrassment, A. answered the questions of the doctor: when the period stopped, when he felt a malaise, when it last examined.

Answered Antonovna long time, even managed to freeze on the chair while the doctor was filling out, washed my hands, pulled a rubber glove. The doctor examined Antonovna thoroughly, more frowning and nervous. Then threw a short "dress" and hooked to the phone. A. shaking hands pulled the naughty skirt and was horrified to hear the conversation of the doctor.

— The Oncology clinic? — shouted that into the phone.
Is from the fifth. I have a severe sick, need urgent advice. Urgent! Yes, Yes... Apparently, the last stage. I don't find the uterus. Fifty-two Primary appeal. Yeah, don't tell... Like live in the woods. Teach them, teach, information on each post, and once again to the doctor they have no time. Yes, Yes, good, send.

When finished talking, the doctor went to the Desk and began to arrange some papers.
— You here one came, woman?
— No, with her husband, children, the car we told her calmly Antonovna numb lips.

Only now she felt severe pain all over the body. This pain was breathless, her legs grew numb and wanted to scream. Antonovna leaned against the doorpost and wept.

The midwife rushed out into the corridor and shouted:
Who here Pashkova? Go!

Daughter-in-law jumped up and hurried into the office. Seeing the mother-in-law understood immediately. Antonovna cried and writhed in pain, as if from afar came to her scraps of instructions of the doctor: immediately, immediately, the first hospital, Oncology, second floor, the doctor on duty waiting for... That's the direction that card... Very late, sorry... Why pulled, because educated people...

In the car, drove in silence. Andrei Ilyich did not hesitate sniffles from time to time wiping away tears with the back of his hand. Son staring intensely at the road, to the pain in the fingers clutching the steering wheel. In the back seat daughter with two sides supported the mother in law which was left the last of his strength.

Antonovna groaned and when the pain was already quite unbearable, cried in a voice, causing Andrei Ilyich new fits of sobs. Sometimes the pain for a few moments abated, and then Antonovna had time to see it float outside the car yellowed trees.

Saying goodbye to them, Antonovna mentally say goodbye to the kids and husband and granddaughter Nata. I do not have her anymore to enjoy a delicious cakes. And who's gonna fly her in first class who meet darling after school? Who will hug her tightly, who kiss her, who admire her first success?.

In the clinic for a long time did not have to wait. Antonovna taken immediately. Family in horror, not daring to sit down, a handful stood at the window. Andrei Ilyich did not cry, but somehow lost and was helpless at one point. Daughter-in-law dropped in the hands of handkerchiefs, the son silently rocked his whole body from side to side.

In the study, where they took Antonovna, apparently, was something terrible. First jumped out a nurse with a crimson face and ran to the end of the corridor. Then a quick step went to the office Mature doctor in surgical gown and booties.

Then, almost running there popped several doctors. When the end of the corridor there was a roar, the family mechanically, as if on cue, turned their heads to the source of the noise: crimson nurse with two orderlies quickly carried rattling the gurney for transporting bedridden patients.

As soon as the gurney disappeared behind the wide doors of the Cabinet, the family realized that this was the end. Andrei Ilyich put his head in his hands and groaned, daughters-in-law rushed to look in their handbags heart drops, my son on the cheek treacherously twitched nerve.

Suddenly, the office door opened again. Gurney with Antonovna, covered in a white sheet, pushed a man six or seven. All excited, red, with droplets of sweat on the foreheads. Pale face Antonovna was open. The horror and pain frozen in her swollen eyes. Pushing daughters-in-law, Andrei Ilyich rushed to his wife. Doctor barred his way.
— I'm a husband, a husband, judge I. in the trail of the retreating gurney.
— Give at least to say goodbye. Lyubonka, my dear, how is it that we wanted in one day!...
— Gohotels already — the nurse was bolted to the wide door of the Cabinet.
— Don't bother, grandpa, and not screaming. She gives birth to. Already head appeared...

In the delivery room had two mothers: Antonovna and one very young, probably a student. Both shouted at the same time and also at the same time, by order, calm between contractions. Around every bustling midwives and doctors. An elderly Professor is impressively quiet and went from one table to another and giving instructions.

And suffer for what? — asked the Professor from childbirth during the next lull.
— Vodka damn, she's to blame, damn, ' groaned the student.
— Well, do you, mother? — asked the Professor to A. and patted her bare thick thighs. Antonovna paused, thought, and then quietly, for the forces was not at all whispered:
— Yes, for the love, I guess. What else? Here is a birthday so my husband said. The fifty-second year. I did a little...
— Not weak, I must say, I did, î chuckled the Professor.
— So really, really didn't notice anything or being evasive?
— Yes, you are the doctor! If I knew, if I only might think!.. Shame! I'm a grandmother for a long time. I was always sure that I have menopause and cancer into the bargain. Here and in the consultation of the uterus is not found, said resorbed, cancer, end-stage...
— Asshole you've got, not cancer, Professor irritably waved his hand.
— We are all human beings and, unfortunately, medical errors still sometimes occur. But enough talk, push, mother, come on. Your mistake want to see the light!

The midwife came out of the delivery room happy and full of importance. What will her friends to tell — not every day in our time grandmother give birth.
— Pashkov Love Antonovna. Family?
"Yes," chorused the whole family, taking a step forward.
"Congratulations," eagerly eyeing the male part of the family, said the midwife. And who is the father?
— I — hoarsely, not believing the events, said Andrei Ilyich.
— It, — at the same time daughter-in-law replied, pointing to her father.
— God, — was not kept from emotions the midwife and she said with obvious respect.
Boy you have. Five hundred three. Growth fifty-one centimeters.
Cover glade, PA. Still an hour and who knows what would... To the childbirth ripe. Here are miracles so miracles. Why only in Oncology was carrying? published

Author: Olga Annie

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