10 mistakes that led to the incredible effects

Even small changes in the environment
lead to unpredictable consequences.
As the chaos theory "beating of wings of a butterfly on one end of the earth
the ball can cause a hurricane on the other. »

Practice the big bang

Error: isotope 7Li, which is considered inert, actually turned out to be active.
Consequences: radioactive contamination of Bikini Atoll - the largest infestation
territory in US history.

Nuclear bombostroenie at the beginning of their affair was fussy. That is the fact that all calculated and
estimate on paper first, was not even mentioned: it was urgent to blow. Otherwise, opponents of the nuclear race
bypass directly to the two buildings, and no one will have to blow up.
Thus, when American scientists are ready to try their first hydrogen bomb at Bikini Atoll,
they are in a hurry and do not care much about security. Atoll was a heavenly place with
coconut palms (leaves, we did not come up with the first trip to exotic places under the guise of a business trip).
Local residents in any case taken to the neighboring island, built a bar under the palm trees - in short, everything went according to plan.
The explosion was to draw somewhere in the 6 megatons and without radiation. Still, the hydrogen bomb. But frankly,
the composition of the bomb itself was experimental. About isotope 6Li, 40% filling, it was already known,
he will enter into the reaction and bahnet, but 7Li, which filled the remaining 60%,
considered inert isotope that nothing in the essence does not change.
As you probably realized, there it was! The reaction came two isotopes, and with such force,
What started splitting uranium shell with the release of highly radioactive elements!
The explosion in the end turned out in 2, 5 times more than planned, formed a crater 2km,
mushroom cloud reached 40 km in height. Along paradise atoll became completely unsuitable for life,
and the local population, huddled in terror on the neighboring island, hvatanuli hefty dose of radiation.
Accidents bikiniytsy still get sick and huddle on another's territories, trying to achieve purification of the native land.
However, the matter is, alas, hopeless.

Forgotten stash

Error: wine added too much yeast and forget it in a dark corner of the winery.
Consequences: champagne!

Maybe it's just an advertising legend of champagne "Dom Perignon", but we want to believe,
that not all errors lead to tragedies, some - quite the contrary.
So here's a wonderful story about a drinking monk Pierre Perignon scattered,
who lived in the XVII century in the Abbey Oville and headed there a wine cellar.
Most of the cellar in a classic red wine, which, frankly,
Abbey turned the vineyards so-so, too sour.
Nevertheless, Pierre tried very hard to correct this shortcoming:
then I add a little more sugar, the yeast sprinkled heartily.
But he still could not manage to find the right proportions.
Employment zavpogrebom, you know, harmful, so do not be surprised,
sometimes there were also flaws. One day in late autumn our Benedictine
bottled not the most successful batch of wine, put it in a corner of the winery, and forgot it until the summer.
June sultry noon, Pierre still wandered into the cubicle and threw up his hands.
The heat and too much wine yeast ferment for a second time,
it formed gases, and all but one of the bottles exploded pieces. Monk carefully uncorked
most resistant bottle, I drank - and ran out of the winery with a completely round eyes,
filling the monastery, shouting: "I'm drinking stars! Brothers, come quickly here! »
Thus it was invented a way to re-fermentation of wine and the most expensive champagne planet.

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