Psychosomatics: Shoulders — Want or Need

"Marriage is a heavy yoke on the shoulders of women," "Not give up", "Keep your back straight, look confident", "the Titans holding the sky on his shoulders", "Fall on the shoulders of the problem," "Where did you hands grow?", "Embrace yourself for the shoulders."

Well, who has not heard such statements! And mind you, few people said that the shoulders are sore from lack of exercise.

The correct way of life does not harm anyone, but the stress, the destruction of the Ego leads to disease more often than anything else.


Shoulders, from the point of view of psychosomatics, to answer the eternal question of "Want or Need?".

It is the main hamlet question "to be or not to be".

  • If the shoulder problems, then the person lives how society, family, completely forgetting and belittling their own desires.
  • If the posture straight and your shoulders tend to turn into wings, then man lives according to his true nature, lives by the principle "want".

The shoulder is the transition from the beginning of conception and origins to implementation and action. On the shoulders of the person "carries" the weight of existence, responsibilities and their implementation.

At the same time the shoulders are responsible for the flow of emotional energy of the heart, because with our hands we can hug, stroke and caress.

It is in the shoulders develop the desire to create, to perform, to Express themselves and create. If a person goes against his own desires, be tense and constrained his shoulders. He kind of puts on their shoulders the burden of betrayal himself.

The word "necessary" must appear in the lexicon along with other words and look like this "and I need it?".

People must first love yourself, even the Bible teaches it. And then to love your neighbor as yourself. Chain one at the beginning of the man and his own desires, then the desires of the environment.

When a person goes against his "I want", but restrains himself and endures, then the tension in his shoulders becomes even stronger. After all, the man feels guilty, for something inside him started a riot, which he suppressed, and fear — and suddenly that someone noticed. If a person lives so from year to year, the muscles adapt to such emotions and, consequently, deform shoulders. Remember the stooped women with string bags. Even if you take away their bags, the shoulders will still look down.

  • Sometimes people hold contrary shoulders tense and lift them high. This suggests that a person often is worried and does not know the answer to the questions of life. That is why people in discussions when you don't know what to say, raises the shoulders up.
  • If the same person deliberately pulls the shoulders back and sticks out his chest, he wants to show only their outer shell and not let the interviewee in the soul. And closed for all the soul will necessarily lead to a weak and crooked spine.

Often the vital energy gets "stuck" in the shoulder area, because it originates there, but not getting output, in consequence of dissatisfaction with their own desires.

Shoulder tension on the left side, are responsible for female energy.

  • If the left side is tense at the woman, then she "scored" on their femininity, deny himself sexual satisfaction, does not live with the one she loves, etc.
  • If the man — he clearly has a problem with women, maybe he's "a sissy" or "pussy-whipped". Shoulder tension on the right side are responsible for masculine energy, i.e., power, authority and aggression.

If the right side is tense at the woman, so she became a plaything in the hands of a tyrant, it is used stronger. If the man — he took on too much responsibility and can't handle it.

The shoulders work well in the system of gestures and expressions of their feelings and emotions.

  • The man shrugs, if hesitates, turns away from a bad situation or a bad man, rolls his shoulder in a sign of invitation.
  • "Frozen" is the shoulder or shoulders can symbolize coldness, indifference and devastation, because emotions are "frozen" and not having time to form.
  • But if a person breaks the shoulder, then it is a clear signal that it hard for years not living correctly, destroying at the root of their desires and completely living for the society. At the moment when the "inner self" such a person can not withstand that he is destroyed — broken shoulder.

Do not go against God and himself and keep his shoulders healthy!published


Author: Victoria Stellmach


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind - together we change the world! ©



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