Burden: the Psychological causes of slouching

Is there a connection between the health of the back and spine and the nature of man, his fears? Many healers pay attention to the fact that the back and spine show whether a person feels support in his life. About Sarbinowo man say that he bent under life's troubles. And about looking, on the contrary, he has the inner core.

If you have any problems with your back and spine, then analyze their attitude to life. Most likely you are insecure and afraid of what might happen in the future. So, it's time to start trusting yourself and believing that everything depends on you. "The day will be food" — this biblical proverb has helped many people to believe in tomorrow. Do not be afraid, because life supports all just need to believe it.

As the exercises will train yourself every day to say: "I know that life always supports me".

If the back represents the presence of life support in General, the spine is a flexible symbol of life support. It helps us to adapt to the situation and events, adapt to them. By the way, the spine is part of the skeletal system of the body. And the bones are our skeleton, the base on which everything else is built. Often back problems can exist simultaneously with other diseases of the skeletal system.

In this case, as often as possible repeat: "I Have a strong body and excellent health. Addition I great. I will be sure to build the building of your life."

Whenosteoporosis is also a person usually feels that life is not something to grasp.

In this case, will help the healing thought:"I can stand up for themselves. Life is always lovingly support me in unexpected ways".

The presence of problems with the lower part of the back often appear out of fear of lack of money. Many of us are nervous, believing that the money's not enough. We are afraid that tomorrow we will be without financial support, and this leads to loss of feelings of confidence, fear, stress and disease lower back.

Repeat several times a day: "I trust the life process. I always get what I need. I all right".

The middle part of the back begins to bother when we are too focused on past events. Often a person feels guilt for some past events, not wanting to part with these thoughts.

In such cases, you have to tell yourself the following healing words: "I forgive myself, letting go of the past. With a pure heart and love I am free to move forward."

If a person has asore upper back, it means a lack of moral support. In any case, the patient haunted by the idea that he does not like that he had no one to help. It happens that because of this the person starts to curb the feeling of love that brings even more trouble with health and forces him to disapprove of yourself.

Repeat morning and evening the following phrase: "I love and approve of myself. I love life and surrounding. Life and the universe support me."

Violations of posture, HUNCHED back.Why not straighten the back?

Violations of posture, a hunched back also can tell a lot about the owner of these shortcomings. Any curvature of the spine suggests that the person does not work freely with the flow of life. He is afraid and does not trust life and people. Even if a man realizes that his views are outdated, it is still struggling to keep these thoughts and feelings, full of confidence.


Often stooped people don't have the courage to convince themselves and others. Can't understand your purpose in life, to determine what they like, and easy to do. About say that they are "non-integral personality". Sometimes it is difficult to force yourself to exercise correcting posture.

If this picture reminds you of, take into consideration a few useful phrases. They will help to set the desired mood and feel more confident.

In the morning after waking and evening before going to sleep chant:"Henceforth I trust life, and divine Providence. I know that life for me. I boldly look at everything that happens. I have straight and proud posture. I am full of love and confidence".

The shoulders of the man symbolize his ability to be happy to meet life's challenges. If you have sloping shoulders, it says that you suffered a lot of hardships in life and now treat life as a burden. You may feel helpless, hopeless, not believe that life can improve.

In this case, use the following phrase: "From that moment on my whole life experience will be joyful. Every day my life gets better and better. I love and approve of myself. I'm happy to live on this Earth. I have a straight posture. I feel confidence and freedom."

WHEN THE SHOULDERS ARE PUSHING FEAR. Psychological causes stooped posture.

Have you ever noticed how different motion and move people? But as the gestures and manner of keeping itself varies from one person depending on his condition? Same is the case with posture. The position of the spine and shoulder quite strongly affects how the character of the person and his condition at the moment.

What problems contribute to a stooped posture?When you are extremely shy or afraid of someone, you reflexively accept the so-called "passive-defensive posture". You are raised and appear forward shoulders. So you instinctively close the neck of one of the most vulnerable areas in the body.

With frequent repetition of the uncomfortable, scary situations, this posture can become a habit.

The stoop is a little different, which is due to chronic fatigue and emotional depression. The shoulders do not rise, but rather fall and become sloping. The head is slightly pushed forward and is also omitted. Man his whole appearance shows that his "burden is he not on the shoulders".

As you know, in such situations, a little help corsets, corrective posture, and similar devices. But the manner of holding the back can be changed by other methods.

If the stoop is associated with fears, you have to work on my confidence. When you talk to someone who "crushes" on you causing you fear, the desire to "shut down" from him, try to do the opposite.Imagine that you are 100% confident in yourself and that you are much stronger than his companion. Smile, straighten to your full height; proudly straighten your shoulders and raise your chin. Force yourself to keep it this way. You will notice that you feel more confident.

If the cause of slouching in fatigue and depression, think not too much you "put yourself on the back", do you objectively assess their capabilities when taking on additional responsibilities.

Note that a burden can be not only for work or study. This the burden of guilt, old grudges transferred life hardships. What emotions you are burdened and forced to stoop? Express them in the story, the picture, another kind of creativity. This will help you to get rid of them and not enough to carry this "burden on their shoulders". published


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