To get rid of a hunched back: 4 exercises

A hunched back is ugly. Such a posture makes the shoulders round, the growth of smaller and also visually reduces the breast, and spoils its shape. And fine, if all the consequences of the stoop was over. However, it affects human health. In particular, if you keep the spine correctly, will develop scoliosis, which may affect many organs and overall health.

To get rid of slouching, do some simple exercises that will not take you much time, but give a nice result.

CocaCola is one of the best exercises for the spine. It is simple, does not require any training and gives good results. Its meaning is to repeat the movement of cats when they stretch your spine.

Get on all fours: knees should be under hip, hands under the shoulders. Head down to your chest, rounding your back maximally, and then move it back like you're reaching the top of the head to the back, the spine is maximally flexed. Do 50 reps at a slow pace.

If you want to have a healthy back for many years, do a cat immediately after waking up and before going to bed.

Prohibido exercises is working fine and opens the upper back, where most often there are clips of people working in offices.

To run it become back to the wall at a distance of one step. Lean on her back and bent at the elbows with your hands (hands should be near the ears). On the inhale maximally bend forward, keeping hands on the wall (in this exercise the hands are used to support). On the exhale return to the starting position. Execute 8 repetitions at a slow pace.

The expansion of the back complete the following exercises on your knees, put your pelvis on the legs, toes stretched out, hands behind his head. On the inhale, rise up from your heels, hands by your sides and bend back, to feel the tension in the upper back (pelvis thus need to forward). On the exhale return to the starting position. Complete 15 repetitions at a slow pace.

Rastyagivanie, exercise not only allows you to save your posture from slouching and relieves all the clips during the day "going" on the spine. It is relaxing and allows you to truly feel at the end of the day.

To run sit up straight: if you can't keep your back perfectly, sit on a small pillow, spread your legs shoulder width apart. If this is hard for you can bend at the knees, flat foot position in this exercise is not mandatory, because the goal is to stretch the back, not the legs. On the exhale, stretch your back forward on the inhale, return back to the starting position.

The exercise is done at a slow pace. Need to do 10 repetitions. published

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